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The gender pay gap: a guide for the already converted

  • Report by Prof Anita Bosch
  • MAY 2020


Around the world, women are paid less than men are paid. This guide explores why this matters, and what we can do to change it.

As a guide for the already converted, this document does not spend time on facts and statistics on how big the wage gap is. Instead, it provides arguments and actions to help close the gap.

It covers the following:

  • Closing the gap on injustice, explaining how this impacts society
  • De­fining and calculating the gender pay gap, including steps that companies can use when conducting gender pay gap audits
  • South African governance and legislation, quoting conventions and frameworks that help to protect women
  • Factors that drive the gender pay gap, referring to women’s career paths, ideas about the roles women should play in society, and perceptions about how they should behave
  • Time for change, explaining ways to help create a more equal society.

Yes, the gender pay gap is complex and multi-faceted. But the bottom line is this: The gender wage gap will not close itself. It will take effort from all South Africans – including directors and managers – to ensure that women are paid fairly.

This report has been written by Prof Anita Bosch, USB Research Chair: Women at Work at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. The publication of this report has been sponsored by WDB Investment Holdings, a company that strategically invests in the corporate sector and the development of women.

Read more: Prof Anita Bosch and Shimon Barit, both from USB, have written a journal article titled Gender pay transparency mechanisms: Future directions for South Africa about this topic as well. The article was published in the South African Journal of Science. Read it here.

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