A Seat at The Table

Capacities and Limitations of Private Sector Peacebuilding.

Can the private sector be seen as a peacebuilding actor?


Prof Mias De Klerk

Welcome to the second edition of USB Management Review for 2019. As always, this online publication provides an opportunity to showcase our research by making research that is normally published in scientific journals or presented at scientific conferences available in practical format to a much bigger audience of practitioners.

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July-December 2019


Dec 09

21 minutes to read

Cape Town could be facing a human settlement crisis. Could the application of Futures Studies methodologies help to crea...
Dec 09

24 minutes to read

Organisations depend on innovation for a competitive edge. But what are the skills set required of the leaders in charge...

July-December 2019


Dec 11

17 minutes to read

Performance assessments offer valuable insight into employees’ strengths and shortcomings. Yet the experience can be a...
Dec 11

17 minutes to read

Retirement coaching for executives is gaining in popularity as a way to ease their transition from the corporate fast la...

July-December 2019


Dec 09

6 minutes to read

Globally, coaching is US$2 billion industry. But how is the South African coaching industry doing? This report explores ...
Aug 01

9 minutes to read

Women and politics – this is the theme of the 2019 SABPP Women’s Report. The report contains four papers: the state ...

July-December 2019

About Research

Jun 11

15 minutes to read

The best way to give the public access to your research and to make a contribution to the scientific and academic discou...
Jun 07

5 minutes to read

Why do research? The answer is to make a change in the world by applying what we’ve learnt to impact policy, peers and...

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