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Gain access to an MBA

From 2016 onwards, no direct access to an MBA will be allowed at a South African academic institution without an appropriate four-year degree or postgraduate qualification. This is due to changes in South African higher education regulations. USB’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration contains the essence of the learning assumed to be in place to complete the new 180-credit MBA. Therefore, as from 2016, it will provide access to USB’s internationally accredited MBA for those who pass this postgraduate diploma at a particular level. Graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration continuing with USB’s MBA will get recognition for 32 credits (15%) on the MBA.

Benefits of continuing with USB’s  MBA 

Changed legislation applicable from 2016 onwards will require all students to have either an appropriate 4-year degree or a postgraduate qualification such as USB’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration (passed at a particular level) in order to gain direct access to the new 180-credit MBA in 2016. This Postgraduate Diploma covers the learning assumed to be in place to do an MBA.

Over and above direct access to an MBA, this Postgraduate Diploma holds other benefits for those continuing with USB’s MBA as certain modules (4 modules, 32 credits) on the MBA and Postgraduate Diploma overlap. In practice, both the Postgraduate Diploma students and MBA students attend the same classes.

For those students continuing with USB’s MBA this means 4 modules less during their MBA studies as they have already done these 4 modules.

Gain access to Nyenrode's International MBA​​

You can also use your Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration to gain access to Nyenrode's International MBA (IMBA) in the Netherlands thanks to the Nyenrode-USB partnership. Nyenrode's internationalisation strategy is derived from its mission: shaping responsible leaders. It means that it prepares students for responding to challenges in the global business environment. Nyenrode teaches its students to be responsible citizens in every aspect of their personal life and professional work.


Nyenrode International MBA programme

Initiated in 1982, the International MBA program (IMBA) at Nyenrode Business University is one of the longest-running MBA programmes in Europe. Widely respected for its business relevance, the Nyenrode IMBA is committed to ensuring that students graduate with knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable – both professionally and personally. The IMBA programme has recently been redesigned to incorporate European Immersion Modules to bring students in contact with the reality of several different European metropolises.

​More about the Nyenrode MBA

  • Programme focus: Professional and personal development; combination of theory and practice. Europe-focused MBA, which includes visits to five European markets during the year. The practical thread includes CEO sessions and real-life projects.
  •  Admission requirements: A Bachelor's degree, Postgraduate Diploma and 3 years of work experience.
  •  USB students join Nyenrode's full-time International MBA (IMBA) from January to September every year.  The duration of Nyenrode's IMBA is one year, starting in October every year to September the next year, when the students graduate.
  • The number of USB PGD BMA students on the Nyenrode programme will be restricted to two students per year.
  • Nyenrode provides special IMBA tuition fee discounts for successful students from USB's PGD BMA programme.
  •  USB students will be joined by students from 17 different nationalities. Only 42 students per class.
  • Upon successful completion, all students, including those from USB's PGD BMA, will have a year's time, from the date of graduation, to stay in the Netherlands in order to seek career opportunities locally.


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