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Invitation to the inaugural lecture of Prof Piet Naude
Van Der Sterr Building , Stellenbosch​
“From a business school perspective, social development in SA happens through ​​empowering students to understand their role as responsible leaders when they go back into society.”​​
- Prof Piet Naudé
Director: USB

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USB Director on academic, social and economic freedom Director on academic, social and economic freedom
USB Leader’s Angle - Courage in Complexity Leader’s Angle - Courage in Complexity
USB Leader’s Angle - Dapperheid in kompleksiteit Leader’s Angle - Dapperheid in kompleksiteit
Leadership lessons from desolate Antarctica lessons from desolate Antarctica
Decolonise African markets African markets


This is what USB’s Small Business Academy is about: teaching business skills to small business owners from low-income communities, undertaking research on small business development, and working with corporates to make this happen.​

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Brian Ganson​​​​​​​​​
Brian Ganson​​​
Brian Ganson​​​​​​​​​
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  • USB Agenda is the USB biannual magazine. It disseminates business news, views and knowledge. It is aimed at middle and upper management echelons.

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