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Use emotion in management to drive loyalty and attract talent

  • SEP 27 2018
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Emotions play a key role in management because they drive loyalty and engagement, says Prof Rafal Ohme, an international neuromarketing expert who was the guest speaker at a Leader’s Angle event in September.

Prof Ohme, professor of psychology and an expert in emotions, communication, and brain research, says values must be used to inspire, build long-lasting relationships and to attract talent. “EQ (emotional intelligence) drives sales and is a must-have in business.”

He says it is important to use emotions in management because:

• Passion, not logic, makes people tick;
• Without emotional engagement there is no endurance;
• Values attract talent;
• They drive loyalty and engagement;
• The detect what people think; and
• They facilitate persuasion.

Watch the video of his presentation here:


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