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Stellenbosch Business School’s Dr Babita Mathur-Helm appointed as regional editor of international journal

  • July 30
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Dr Babita Mathur-Helm appointed as regional editor of international journalDr Babita Mathur-Helm, senior lecturer in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusivity Studies and Gender Studies and Gender Empowerment at Stellenbosch Business School, was recently selected as the regional editor of the Gender in Management: An International Journal, an accredited journal that has received Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) status. Here she answers a few questions:

Q: What are some of the key topics covered in the Journal?

A: The journal accepts qualitative and quantitative research-based articles as well as critical research reviews and analyses covering a broad range of management topics in so far as they relate to gender issues; including Careers, Communication, Conflict, Cross-cultural issues, Decision-making, Employee-employer relationships, Equal opportunities, Entrepreneurship, Glass ceiling issues, Leadership, Organisational justice, Reward and recognition, Sexuality and sexual orientation and Work-life balance.

The management of gender is critical to the effective functioning of organisations in the emerging markets if they are to become a “developed market”. – Dr Babita Mathur-Helm

Q: Why are these topics so important?

A: Gender in Management particularly encourages papers from emerging regions of the world, which expand our knowledge of these areas and which provide insights into the different cultural underpinnings of research from and about these parts.  The unique and often controversial mix of articles, research, interviews, news and book reviews, makes the journal an essential reading for companies developing appropriate strategies for the advancement of women professionals.

Although many topics that the gender covers are well researched area, the special issues focuses on the advancement of interdisciplinary research in the  wider area of gender studies.

The management of gender is critical to the effective functioning of organisations in the emerging markets if they are to become a “developed market”. The serious academic inquiry in certain fields is relatively new and many topics covered by the journal are conceptualised to evolve the body of knowledge. There are several research-based articles regularly published in the journal, which have the potential to develop new insights to solve the pressing problems which are being faced by the managers and leaders toward management of gender in the workplace.

Q: What can readers look forward to in your first issue as regional editor?

A: As a regional editor for the Gender in Management Journal I will aim to advance knowledge and practice in the area of gender in management and leadership from African perspectives and context. However, the focus will be on empirical research, theoretical developments, practice and current issues in the international field. The regional journal aims to address broad-ranging social issues and their impact on gender in African workplaces and organisations, Africa’s political and legislative practises, social and educational policies and economic factors, in its consideration of gender in management and leadership.

The aim of the regional journal is to enable a community of GIM researchers and practitioners from and in African continents where they can exchange their ideas, develop and contribute to the research agendas and progress in the development of Gender Management, both theoretically and in management and leadership.  The regional editor aims to introduce GIM as essential reading for those who want an overview of the current research and practice base in Gender Management in Africa and for practitioners seeking ways forward to develop GIM through African experiences.



More about the Gender in Management: An International Journal

Gender in Management: An International Journal (formerly Women in Management Review) is a double blind peer reviewed journal which publishes original, critical and scholarly papers that make theoretical and methodological contributions to our understanding of gender-based issues in management.  The journal encourages diversity in thinking about gender in management and welcomes papers from all academic disciplines which can contribute to management knowledge about this area. Whilst focusing on management concerns, the journal acknowledges the importance of a broader social context influencing gender in management issues, such as political and legislative decisions, education and social policy, economic factors, etc.  Papers which examine gender-based management issues in specific industries or sectors are encouraged.

This journal is ranked by:

Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS, UK) Academic Journal Guide, AIDEA (Italy), Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Quality Journal List, Australian Research Council (ERA Journal List), BFI (Denmark), NSD (Norway), QUALIS, Scopus, The Publication Forum (Finland)

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