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An outlook on how developments in the economy, politics, technology and education will influence South African organisations in 2018

  • OCT 27
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The University of Stellenbosch Business SchoolInstitute for Futures Research (IFR) and USB Executive Development hosted the annual On the Horizon: An Outlook for 2018 seminar at Sanlam Head Office last month.

The four speakers were Nthabiseng Moleko (Economics), Doris Viljoen (Education), Prof Willie Breytenbach (Politics), and Martin Butler (Technology). Dr Morne Mostert, director of IFR, was the facilitator.

Nthabiseng Moleko: Economics

Although South Africa’s economy might rise by 1.6% this year, there is an urgent need for access to financial services to stimulate investments and ramp up economic growth. Only 54% of people in townships held bank accounts, let alone access to secure services of banks. And although 66% of adults had access to financial services, the figure was much lower in townships and even worse in rural areas.


Doris Viljoen: Education

In the education sphere, artificial intelligence was likely to begin with tutors engaging with students through wearable gadgets. In future, there could also be a portfolio degree where a student does course modules through different institutions, and we could possibly see badges instead of certificates after completion of a course.


Prof Willie Breytenbach: Politics

We will have to try and retain benefits of free trade. With a Rand that is strengthening we need to look at other options and possibilities. Supreme body is the constitution has the final say. Permutations are ANC and DA 72%, DA and EFF 34%, and EFF and ANC 54%.



Martin Butler: Technology

Technology helps us with process, transport and storage. Extrapolate the future but know the limits in terms of technology implementation. The unprecedented growth of robotics 4IR and humanoids that has ability to recognise us. Speaking about the internet of everything, the digitised individual through apps influencing habits.

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