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Who Gets in and Why?

USB Leader’s Angle Series | Book Launch

Who Gets in and Why?

  Online event   26 August 2020

Insights from the new book by Prof Jonathan Jansen and Samantha Kriger

What keeps the Western Cape’s elite schools ‘white dominant’ in a country that is overwhelmingly black? How do these schools administer their admissions policies? Why does a post-apartheid government allow ‘white dominant’ schools to exist?

Join the authors of the new book Who Gets in and Why? Race, class and aspiration in South Africa’s elite schools and our panel of esteemed speakers at this very special Leader’s Angle Series event. Speakers include Bergvliet Primary principal, Brandon Paulse, and Pinelands North Primary principal, Ann Morton.

Award-winning journalist and presenter Redi Tlhabi will lead the discussion around the patterns of racial segregation in the elite primary schools of one of our country’s ‘whitest’ and wealthiest areas – the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Date:               Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Time:              16:30 (CAT)

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About the speakers

Prof Jonathan Jansen
‘Who Gets In and Why’ Co-author and Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University

Jonathan Jansen is Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University. He is President of the Academy of Science of South Africa and in 2020, he will be a Knight-Hennessey Fellow at Stanford University. He started his career as a biology teacher in the Cape and holds a PhD from Stanford as well as honorary doctorates from Edinburgh, Vermont, Cleveland State and the University of Cape Town.

He is the author of the award-winning book Knowledge in the Blood. His recent books include Inequality in South African Schools (with Nic Spaull); Decolonisation in Universities; Race, Science and Society and Who gets in and why: the politics of admission in South Africa’s elite schools (with Samantha Kriger). He was recently elected as a Fellow of the International Academy of Education.

Samantha Kriger

Samantha Kriger
‘Who Gets In and Why’ Co-author and Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

Samantha Kriger is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). She has been actively involved in primary school teaching for 25 years. Her research interests include music education and its impact on language literacy development; teaching practice within the foundation years of primary school education; and music education and implementation of the Life Skills curriculum.


Ann Morton

Ann Morton
‘Who Gets In and Why’ Contributor and Principal at Pinelands North Primary School

Ann Morton has been the Principal of Pinelands North Primary School for 24 years and during this time she has radically changed the profile of the school. Ann is passionate about inclusive practices and her school is viewed as a flagship of inclusion by the WCED. Her school is recognised nationally and internationally for championing the rights of previously excluded children.


Brandon Paulse Bergvliet Principal

Brandon Paulse
‘Who Gets In and Why’ Contributor and Principal at Bergvliet Primary School

Brandon Paulse has been the Principal at Bergvliet Primary since 2015. He is a graduate from the University of the Western Cape (UWC), and also completed an MDP with UCT Graduate School of Business. A proud and passionate educator for 26 years, Brandon cut his teaching teeth at St Clement’s and St Augustine’s. He also spent 18 years at Muizenberg Junior School, where he was a teacher, SMT, Deputy and Principal.



Redi Tlhabi

Redi Tlhabi
South African journalist, writer and media presenter

Redi Tlhabi is a highly distinguished South African journalist, producer, radio and television presenter, columnist and author. Redi’s daily program on Talk Radio 207 was acknowledged as the leading platform in South Africa for the general public wishing to hear newsmakers being challenged and asked to account. Redi aggressively addresses all of the social and political issues currently facing South Africa’s including crime, corruption, foreign policy, education, politics along with community and social issues.



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