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Webinar: How Gender Diversity Pays Off

  Webinar   06 August 2019

Our landmark research found that women have the attributes to outperform men in 21 of the 27 challenges that differentiate successful leaders. Join SHL’s upcoming webinar with Hayley Dady, Talent Solutions Architect, Africa, SHL on the 6th of August for more key insights.

Leadership opportunity for men and women is still not equal. Even organisations committed to diversity are held back by misconceptions that hinder their diversity efforts. Women do not have an equal shot at leadership development, and are often overlooked due to inherent bias.

SHL conducted leading research disproving notions about women in leadership, including misconceptions that hinder diversity, and how gender diversity can be a natural consequence with big business impact.

Date: Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Time: 12:00 PM

Contact details for queries: [email protected]

Tags  Futures, African Futures, Roundtable



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