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LGBTQ+ in Business

Finding the rainbow

  Leader’s Angle   16 October 2019       USB Campus

For several decades, the LGBTQ+ community fought bravely for acceptance in greater society. Today, the struggle for inclusivity continues in office environments around the world, where we continue to strive for diversity.

Join us for this Leader’s Angle, where we search for a deeper understanding of diverse gender identities and unique challenges in the business world. The topic will be discussed from both a human rights and an academic perspective.

Date: Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Time: 17:30 for 18:00

Venue: Room 2058 & 2059, USB Campus, Tyger Valley Business District

Confirmed speakers

Delene van Dyk is a Psychosexual Educator and Nurse Therapist by profession, with more than 27 years’ experience in the field of mental health, sexual health and education. She runs her own international consultancy, 2nd Sight Consultants, focusing on training, development and mentorship of individuals and groups (including peer educators and health care providers), to understand human sexuality, specifically sexual and gender diversity. She consults to various governments, NGO’s and the private sector in Africa and internationally. She is a sought after public speaker, talking about the things that most adults struggle to talk about in a sex positive and affirming way.

She has trained, sensitised and mentored more than 30 000 people, nationally, in the SADC, Africa and internationally, developed and edited various training materials, and presented papers and workshops at 17 international conferences. She is a member of the Psychological Society of South Africa’s (PsySSA, similar to APA) core team for developing and publishing Practice Guidelines For Psychology Professionals Working With Sexually and Gender-Diverse People. Delene is also working part time in private practice, at AKESO Clinic in Kenilworth, Cape Town, with individuals in recovery for various kinds of addictions, with a specific interest in intimacy disorders, and challenges associated with sexual, gender and relationship identities.


Delene van Dyk is a Psychosexual Educator and Nurse Therapist

Ronald Addinall joined academia in 2009 and is presently undertaking a PhD on the topic: The Psychosocial Healthcare Needs of the Transgender Minority Group: South Africa. He came to UCT with 17 years practice experience in generic social work as well as extensive practice experience in the specialised fields of military social work, occupational social work, medical social work, clinical social work, social work supervision and social work service management. He has further specialised as a sexologist and sex therapist and went on to establish the first ever sexual health clinic in a military health setting which he managed for 10 years. He had worked in settings such as Ysterplaat Air Force Base, 2 Military Hospital, United Nations military health deployments in Burundi and the DRC, Triangle Project (an LGBTQIA NPO) and Genderdynamix (a Transgender Rights NPO). He developed an Introduction to Human Sexuality Workshop for Healthcare practitioners which he presented throughout South Africa and lectured on this topic as a guest lecturer for the Department of Social Development, UCT. He offered sex therapy tertiary services, sexual health promotion programmes and sexual health prevention programmes. He is a founding member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) and served on their board. Ronald is internationally and nationally regarded an expert in the psychosocial healthcare needs of Transgender children, adolescents and adults. He serves on the Transgender Clinic Multi-disciplinary Team of Groote Schuur Hospital. He served on the WHO task team for South Africa for the Clinical Utility research on the ICD-11 diagnostic criteria for Gender Incongruence and Paraphilias.

@Ronal Addinall

Ronald Addinall Transgender SA

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