Why Management Coaching?

Our MPhil in Management Coaching programme is designed to give you the coaching credentials you need to grow the talent of others, transfer knowledge, build relationships, enhance performance and facilitate cultural transformation in organisations. The programme will help you discover what drives you as a coach, and assist in developing your authentic coaching style. Moreover, the two-year course has a strong ethical underpinning, which will help you become a values-driven, responsible leader in your industry.

What will you gain?

  • Establish your credentials: Expand your knowledge and prepare to set up your own coaching practice.
  • Find your own signature presence: Become exposed to the various frameworks that will help you develop style of coaching authentic to you.
  • Develop human capital: Support the growth of teams, managers and leaders.
  • Harness the strengths of your team: Learn to lead with a positive mindset and propel the organisation forward.
  • Operate in multicultural environments: The programme adheres to international best practice taking into account the diversity, traditions and multicultural environments of South Africa and Africa.

Programme structure

The 2-year MPhil in Management Coaching programme is delivered through a combination of on-campus classes and Blended Learning classes. In between classes, you need to do formative assessments, essays and assignments, practical coaching, and a final research assignment.

Phase 1

Year 1: Class programme

Attend an on-campus block at start of Year 1 followed by weekly blended learning (online) classes.

Phase 2

Year 2: Professional assessment

1 on-campus block at start of Year 2

Phase 3

Year 2: Research and development

Research assignment

Triad practice, supervision and coaching:

Complete 40 hours of coaching and receive 20 hours of (self-funded) coaching. Supervision days can be attended in person or via online linkup.