Leadership Development for NPOs 2021

Leadership Development for NPOs


Learn to lead on 4 levels: Me, We, Work, World


In our uncertain and rapidly changing world, it is now more important than ever to stay the course, upskill and adapt. This USB programme is designed to help you turn challenges into opportunity – to reinvent yourself, rethink your business ventures and help rebuild the economy. Most importantly, this programme is your opportunity to keep learning.

Why Leadership Development for NPOs?

Research confirms that it is leadership that makes a difference in organisational performance. USB’s Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development for NPOs acknowledges responsible leadership as the prime differentiator that drives sustainable performance, and impact. Using the framework of Me, We, Work and World, it focuses on the development of personal leadership, team leadership, organisational leadership and societal leadership to strengthen your capability to grow as leader. While some of us volunteer time and talent, others step up to lead NPOs as managers, executives or directors. Leading in this context is both a noble and challenging act, and for most, a steep learning curve. If leadership in an NPO context resonates with you, then consider enhancing your leadership skills through this postgraduate programme.

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What stands out?


levels of leadership

Me, We, Work
and World

Acquire a sought-after degree

Help create positive
social impacts

See the
bigger picture

Make connections
and acquire a holistic
view on leadership

Grow your

participation and

What will you gain?

Lead as a resilient and confident person:Improve your personal performance by enhancing your resilience, resourcefulness and confidence in leading your organisation.

Learn how to build organisational capacity: Grow your ability to build organisational capacity and enhance organisational well-being and performance.

Create public value and social impact: Lead your organisation to take its rightful place in society and to deliver on what it was designed for in the first place.

Ensure social return on investment: Enhance the stakeholder leadership skills you need to work with those who help to authorise and legitimise your work through their investments.

Benefit from network knowledge and peer learning skills:  Learn how to make use of the wisdom and counsel of those with whom you share your NPO journey.

Who should apply?

  • NPO leaders and managers who want to improve their personal leadership competencies
  • Career changers who are in the process of leaving the corporate or government sphere in exchange for a leadership role in the social sector
  • Members of NPO boards who want to improve their understanding of NPOs and their role in society, and who want to ensure that they are sufficiently capacitated and well governed
  • People working at foundations and who have oversight responsibilities over funded NPOs
  • Corporate social investment managers in companies or corporate foundations with a responsibility to work with NPOs
  • People with an interest in establishing a social sector organisation.

Flexible learning formats

The PGDip in Leadership Development NPO programme allows you to study while you work. The requirements of this format are that you attend 2 on-campus blocks with Blended Learning sessions in between.

Blended learning:

Attend class from

anywhere in the


The blended learning format allows you to join the class either via an internet-linked device, or on campus. Online classes are delivered synchronously with on-campus classes.

USB’s high-tech classrooms allow the lecturers to see, in real time, the faces of all the online students portrayed onto a screen or class room wall. This virtual environment enables you to actively participate in classroom discussions – whether you are logging in from an airport in Europe, a boardroom in Africa or your office at home.