You are a leader – and you know what it takes to be one: consciousness, courage, discipline and strong values. USB’s PGDip in Leadership Development programme is designed to help you develop the qual-ities that make you the leader you are.

Using the framework of Me, We, Work and World, the one-year programme aims to help you make a positive impact in your team, organisation or community and find the relevant leadership skills for Africa and beyond. This postgraduate programme is internationally benchmarked, which means you can apply your leadership competencies in any industry, anywhere in the world. Eduniversal ranked USB’s PGDip in Leadership Development 14th globally in the Leadership category.


  • You are in either the private or public sector and are advancing into increasing levels of mana-gerial leadership
  • You are a specialist preparing yourself for managerial and leadership roles
  • You are a professional with a degree in, among others, engineering, medical sciences, education, law and accounting and are looking to progress into managerial roles
  • You want to broaden your leadership competencies without doing an MBA


This one-year programme has a convenient modular format that allows you to study while you work. Attend four blocks on campus during the course of the year, with each block running from Monday to Saturday. This enables you to apply your newly acquired skills in your workplace immediately while receiving comprehensive support throughout your studies.

There is now a focus area in Leadership Development dedicated specifically towards leading an NPO to success. While the Generalist PGDip in Leadership Development is for those who wish to lead in any industry, the PGDip in Leadership Development with focus area in NPOs helps individuals who want to succeed in the non-profit industry. Find out more!