Why Leadership Development?

You may know how to manage well. However, to take the next step in your career and to grow your influence, you need to hone your leadership skills. This calls for a journey of personal development.

USB’s Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development programme acknowledges responsible leadership as the prime differentiator that drives sustainable high performance. Using the framework of Me, We, Work and World, it focuses on the development of personal leadership, team leadership, organisational leadership and societal leadership to strengthen and deepen your capability to grow as leader.

What will you gain?

  1. Develop your leadership competencies: Learn to become a responsible leader who can lead with confidence.
  2. Make an impact in your organisation: Enhance the performance of individuals, teams and your organisation, and align the organisation to contribute to society.
  3. Enhance performance: Acquire skills that will help you to optimise the contributions of people at every level and to support transformation.
  4. Grow your influence: Lead with authenticity, and enhance the sustainable performance of each individual.
  5. Cope in complex environments: Acquire the practices you need to cope with the demands of highly competitive, globalised and multicultural environments.
  6. See the bigger picture: Make connections on various levels and gain clarity on your key role in driving strategy execution