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PGDips Redesigned to #KeepLearning YOUR Way Innovation

  • November 09 2021
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PGDips Redesigned to #KeepLearning YOUR Way

When was the last time you ordered a pizza? Did you order a standard pizza from the menu, or did you ask for the olives to be removed, and for extra chicken and chili to be added to your pizza? Now, what does a pizza have to do with studying? Besides it being a great choice for late-night study sessions, the humble pizza is a good example of how we, as human beings, value flexibility and customisation in our purchases.

In recent years, it has become apparent that a “one size fits all” approach in postgraduate studies does not necessarily fit everyone. Our students have unique professional and personal circumstances, unique academic interests, as well as unique reasons for wanting to study. We responded to this uniqueness by redesigning our Postgraduate Diplomas in Business Management and Administration, in Project Management, in Future Studies and in Development Finance to allow students to study relevant skills in a flexible manner that allows for a certain level of customisation in their learning journey.  When you are a PGDip student at the USB, we make sure that we have a structure that allows you to study your way.


We have rearranged each PGDip programme into eight modules of fifteen credits each. The uniformity with regards to the number of modules per programme and credits, enables us to offer flexibility to our students. Students can now choose whether to complete their degree in one year, or over two years. The two-year option is particularly attractive for prospective students who may want to spread out their fee payments over a longer period, or for those who are not sure exactly which specialisation area they would like to pursue. For example, a student could start off with a particular PGDip in year one, such as a postgraduate diploma in Future Studies, and will be able to change their qualification to a PGDip in Business Management and Administration in year two.

Flexibility is also present with regards to the delivery format. For each module, students can now choose whether they would like to attend lectures on-campus in a block release (Modular) format, or whether they would like to attend remotely in our Blended Learning format. For students that enjoy both formats, they can choose a combination of the Modular and Blended formats depending on their personal and professional situations at a particular point in time.


Each PGDip is comprised of four Foundation Phase modules and four Specialisation Phase modules. Every PGDip student, regardless of specialisation, will start their learning journey with a module called Understanding the World, which provides students with a macro-perspective on global and local politics, economic and financial developments, societal challenges, technology trends, legal frameworks and contemporary topics regarding the natural environment in which we live. Following Understanding the World, all PGDip students will complete Responsible Leadership, a module focused on developing leaders who can bring about positive change and societal resilience. After the two common modules have been completed, students are able to customise their qualification by selecting modules from available options, such as Thinking Frameworks for better decision making, Managing Risk and Uncertainty, and Organisational Behaviour


Students will attend the foundation modules together, which creates the perfect environment for rich discussions and robust debate. Through being exposed to individuals from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, students are able to build networks, develop open-mindedness, and nurture their intellectual humility.

Studying further

The redesign of our PGDip portfolio allows for easier access to the USB’s MBA and MPhil degrees such as the MPhil in Development Finance, as well as the MPhil in Future Studies. Depending on module choices made in the foundation phase, students may receive recognition for certain credits when continuing with an MBA at the USB.

Your options

Not only do you benefit from the adjustments already mentioned but also from a variety of choices of qualifications to complete your way. Here are the programs available under the redesigned Postgraduate Diplomas:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration:

Ranked 2nd in Africa in the General Management category, USB’s PGDip in Business Management and Administration is designed to provide the skills you need to successfully run your own business or practice or enter a managerial position.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies:

USB’s internationally accredited PGDip in Futures Studies guarantees to enable you with the skills to manage long-term organisational strategies that shape an ideal future.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance​:

USB’s internationally accredited PGDip in Development Finance will give you the tools to formulate African-driven solutions and the policies and programmes to enable them.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management:

USB’s internationally accredited PGDip in Project Management teaches advanced management and strategic project management skills, allowing you to manage projects in a competitive business environment.

We are continuing to work on the innovation of the programmes and are also currently exploring ways in which components of the programme can be made available as compact, standalone learning opportunities.

Whatever your reasons are for studying, you can be assured that the PGDip BMA provides a solid business management foundation for your postgraduate learning journey.

One of the key differentiators of our MBA degree is the Leadership Module which focuses on responsible leadership and allows you to develop your own authentic leadership style.

Learn more about our Business Administration courses today.

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