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Resources for USB alumni

Here is a list of the resources available to USB alumni:


Alumni Businesses

USB has an amazing network of entrepreneurs and CEOs. This list gives you a snapshot of some of our alumni’s businesses.

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Become a mentor

USB alumni who take part in the mentorship programme will not only gain immense personal satisfaction from assisting the next generation of business leaders, but will also gain access to Mentorship Masterclasses, equipping them with the skills to excel in their role as a mentor.

To become a mentor, please complete this questionnaire.

Make your journey a success

Career Services for Alumni

Alumni can access career development services, the career events calendar and job search tools via the career services portal.



Qualify for 15% Discount

As a USB alumnus, your organisation will qualify for a 15% discount on any of the service offerings you wish to subscribe to or purchase. Contact Heilet Bertrand at for more information. (Further information about these options is available on a sheet which could be posted here.


Discount for USB alumni

The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA), a professional body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), aims to promote good corporate governance and ensure that directorship as a profession is  developed to be an even more attractive career choice. IoDSA offers reduced subscription rates for the USB Alumni Association and its members.

USB Alumni Association members can register online and receive the discounted rate by selecting the USB-Alumni IoDSA Membership rate.

For more information, visit the IoDSA website or by contacting IoDSA on +27 (0)11 035 3000.

Alumni Masterclasses

Introduction to digital currencies (cryptocurrencies)

Dr Mehran Zarrebini, USB alumni United Kingdom chapter chairperson

 09 May 2018  @ 08h00 for 08h30 – 12h30

 To provide an introductory understanding of decentralized digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as Bitcoin.

It touches on the principle in which it operates, basic transactions, trading of cryptocurrencies and explore the innovation and impact cryptocurrencies will have on banking, industry and financial systems.

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Learn business abroad

International Study Module

USB MBA’s International Study Module

Alumni may apply to join the MBA International Study Module abroad and benefit from this immersive learning experience. At least 10 different options are offered at international business schools each year. Each option consists of lectures in fields such as strategy, financial management, technology, sustainability or marketing, and includes visits to global companies.

EMBA Consortium options

The MBA International Study Module includes the EMBA Consortium options. The EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is the result of collaboration by 10 business schools located in key regions around the world. USB is an EMBA Consortium member school. Every year, at the same time, each school offers a week-long programme to MBA students from the participating schools.

EMBA’s philosophy is that by offering a global portfolio of geographically focused programmes, students can confront the reality of doing business in vastly different settings in ways that reinforce previous learning and provide a global perspective on business innovation, which is critical in today’s environment. By living in and learning from different markets, teachers, colleagues, companies, government institutions and cultures, even if for only a relatively short period of time, students will experience a paradigm shift that will serve them well for years to come. Find additional details at

The cost of the MBA International Study Module is determined annually and is included in the MBA fees. This module forms part of the USB’s internationalisation strategy to produce well-rounded managers who can lead people and organisations anywhere in the world.


Alumni Class Photos

A photo can be a great memento of your time at USB.

How to get a copy of your class photo:

A low-resolution print-out can be created using the standard web page images. If you’d like to create a copy that is larger than A4, a high-resolution image can be purchased. These photographs are supplied at R30 each, and will be e-mailed to you after proof of payment has been received. In additional to proof of payment, please supply the programme which you were registered for, the programme format and the year which you started the programme.

Bank details: Standard Bank
Type of account: cheque account
Account number: 073003069
Branch name: Stellenbosch
Branch code: 050610

Reference: the cost centre code 125T-01 plus your surname.

Proof of payment can be sent to

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