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Testimonials from our alumni

Seraj Toefy, Modular MBA, Managing Director, Bespoke Media (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa.

‘The Stellenbosch Business School MBA was a formulation and confirmation of theories and principles that I had been exposed to through my 15 years’ work experience prior to starting with the programme. The Leadership Module allowed me to be critical of myself and to identify weaknesses that I needed to improve. The Stellenbosch Business School MBA gave me the confidence to start my own business midway through the programme.’

Sadia Murray, 2018 MBA stream in Health Care Leadership.

‘An MBA offers a completely different skill set for me. I wanted to stretch myself and attain skills that could benefit me in my future endeavours. Also, working in the public health care system, there is so much that I feel that I want to do and I hope that the MBA will give me the skills that I need to affect positive change in the public health sector.’

Lorna Ntwalana, PGDip in Project Management, Applications Specialist, PetroSA.

‘The tools and techniques acquired through this programme have helped me to deliver successful projects at work and in social environments. Because the programme also focuses on leadership development and emotional intelligence, I’ve learnt how to effectively deal with the realities of working with people.’

George Martin, PGDip in Leadership Development, Business Development Manager, Mutual & Federal.

‘This PGDip has challenged me and my view on leadership. Through the diverse content and insightful lectures I gained the necessary knowledge and experience to ultimately shift my paradigm and become a more influential leader.’

Natalie Damonze, PGDip in Leadership Development, Financial Analyst, Indigo Brands Pty Ltd.

‘I chose this programme as a stepping stone to an MBA. I want to understand my role as a leader, and how I could make a difference now and in future. This programme has taught me to look within myself, but also to consider the dynamics and the diversity of individuals. I know I will walk away with greater insight into what it means to be a great leader.’

Elton Jangale, 2015 MDevF, Partner, PFI Partnerships (Public-Private Partnership Practitioners), Blantyre, Malawi; Board Director, Malawi Stock Exchange; Board Director, Malawi Revenue Authority.

‘I enrolled on MDevF to enhance my skills as a PPP practitioner. The MDevF, its experienced professors and diverse students challenged me to take a broader view of Africa’s sustainable economic development. I have now become a Development Practitioner playing various roles in promoting the economic development of Malawi and SADC.’

Connect with a global network of alumni

The Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association offers the following benefits to alumni:

Creating a global network with deep roots and a wide reach

Stellenbosch Business School’s alumni network is made up of almost 29 000 graduates who have achieved success in managerial and leadership positions across the globe.

Creating ways for past graduates to give back to society

The Alumni Association offers alumni various ways to reinvest in society, from mentoring students and Small Business Academy participants, to contributing to bursaries, to serving as ambassadors of Stellenbosch Business School.

Gaining access to business knowledge and lifelong learning

Alumni benefit from access to masterclasses, workshops, academic programmes, speaker events and other knowledge-sharing events that provide them with management and leadership skills and insight.

Connecting with Stellenbosch Business School through various touch points

The primary point of contact is the Alumni Association which has branches all over South Africa, Africa, the UK, Europe and beyond. A few other touch points include networking events, newsletters, and social media.

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The business school aspires to be a source of value for a better world, and we believe responsible leadership can help to bring this about. Our experience is that collaborative relationships between the business school, and private and public sector actors create mutual benefit. Collaboration takes various forms – from working together on standalone projects to long-term engagements. 

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