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International Study Module

The International Study Module (ISM) is a compulsory module that forms part of the Stellenbosch Business School MBA. All MBA students participate in one of the scheduled International Study Modules for one week during their final year at USB. The purpose of this module is to develop MBA students with a global mindset by exposing them to the business environment in a global context. More than ten different ISM options are provided to MBA students. Students usually choose their ISM based on their interests – such as strategy, leadership or technology management. The module includes company visits and cultural activities.

The cost of this module is included in the MBA programme fees. Stellenbosch Business School alumni are also welcome to join these study tours as an opportunity to gain pockets of expertise (please enquire about fees).

The International Affairs Office manages and facilitates the ISM options.

Included in ISM tour:

  • Return flight tickets
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • 6 to 8 nights’ accommodation based on the start and completion date of your programme as determined by the hosting school (single rooms, bed and breakfast)
  • 5 lunches (Monday – Friday) and 3 dinners (welcome, mid-week networking and farewell dinners)
  • Programme fees (20 hours of applied academic classes/guest lectures)
  • 3 to 4 company visits
  • 1 to 2 cultural event/social excursion
  • Official programme transport
  • Stellenbosch Business School-branded golf shirt

 Cost excluded (for students’ own account)

  • All costs related to visa applications
  • Flight ticket changes, upgrades and any related penalties
  • Travel agent emergency call centre fees
  • Excess baggage
  • All meals not part of the official programme
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Hotel minibar, laundry, telephone and other personal expenses

How the ISM selection process works

The ISM destinations abroad (usually around 10 different options) are identified annually based on a number of strategic factors. Once the destinations for the next academic year have been confirmed, the International Affairs Office sends the link of the online registration form to students. Students then bid points to their preferred programmes, subject to capacity constraints and other criteria.

 Please note that the EMBA Consortium counts as one option at this stage. The allocation to the destinations within the EMBA Consortium will be done at a later stage.

Passports and personal details

Students must provide a copy of their passports upon registration for the MBA ISM. The student’s name provided on his/her online registration form must correspond with the name that appears in his/her passport. It is the responsibility of each student to apply for a new passport in time, if:

  • He/she is not in possession of a permanent passport (NO temporary passports allowed); or if his/her passport expires within six months from the date of return of the proposed visit abroad; or if his/her passport has less than three empty pages left.
  • Any person blacklisted for any country should inform the International Affairs Office immediately.
  • Any changes in students’ personal details e-mail address, name change, new passport number, etc.) must be communicated to the International Affairs Office in writing.


Return flights for all students are arranged and booked at the sole discretion of the International Affairs Office in liaison with the appointed Stellenbosch University travel agent and supplier. The costs of return flight tickets and comprehensive travel insurance are included by Stellenbosch Business School as part of the compulsory ISM. Students are responsible to check their personal details, flight ticket itinerary and to notify the International Affairs Office immediately if anything is amiss or has changed. Also note the following:

  • Students whose flight tickets have to be cancelled due to non-registration, discontinued studies or personal reasons will be liable for all cancellation fees.
  • No refunds can be made to students from MBA tuition fees for Stellenbosch Business School flight tickets not used.


Visa costs are for students’ own account. It is the responsibility of each student to obtain his/her required visa(s) timeously. The International Affairs Office will provide students with detailed information in this regard, as well as all the supporting documentation. An estimate of the visa costs applicable to each country, as well as information pertaining to possible difficulties for certain nationalities to access certain foreign consulates and embassies to have their visas processed, will be communicated timeously to students. Stellenbosch Business School shall accept no responsibility for visa service providers and/or consulates and embassies’ time frames and operations, or for students whose visa applications are unsuccessful or who do not obtain their visas prior to the ISM departure date.


  • Students who miss this compulsory module abroad without having official permission from the MBA programme head will be liable for the full cost of another module abroad in the next academic year.
  • Students cannot register for this module abroad unless their student account is settled and in order.
  • Students who discontinue their studies or fail to register for the year during which the International Study Module is scheduled will not be allowed to participate in the ISM.
  • Students are not permitted to take along spouses, partners or family members.
  • The MBA programme coordinators and other academic administration staff work separately from the International Affairs Office. Students have to contact the International Affairs Office with regard to all matters relating to the International Study Module.

Stellenbosch Business School reserves the right to change destinations or itineraries if deemed necessary. Every effort will be made to limit such changes, and students will receive proper communication and notification of any such changes due to factors beyond Stellenbosch Business School’s control.

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Additional Opportunities for Stellenbosch Business School Students

To apply, students need to submit the following documentation to [email protected]:

  • CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • Motivation letter (1 page minimum) addressed to the respective programme Head (outline why you chose this school and modules selected)

An indication of what module(s) you would like to do and the dates this programme is running.

Various other international opportunities over and above the International Study Module are available to Stellenbosch Business School students. For example, all students have the option to apply to do their electives abroad. Also note the following:

  • To qualify for a nomination to do part of their studies abroad, students must have an average pass rate of 65% or higher for all modules.
  • At some of our partner institutions, tuition fees are (partially or fully) waived. However, students need to pay their own return flight tickets, accommodation, subsistence, visa and medical insurance costs. Once students have gone through the Stellenbosch Business School nomination process, receives credit transfer approval from Stellenbosch Business School and is accepted by the hosting school, the International Affairs Office will have travel grants available from the student mobility fund towards expenses incurred by the student.
  • Due to limited slots available at the hosting schools, applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

Once the programme has been successfully completed, students are required to submit a report to the International Affairs Office.

Application process

Initial queries can be directed to the International Affairs Office. The nomination process is administered by the International Affairs Office. Once the above documents have been submitted a nomination application will be submitted on your behalf to the Programme Head and the Assistant Registrar. Approval is requested for the credits you earn on this programme to count towards your electives. Whether the credits you earn abroad cover your full electives will depend on the course(s) you opt to do.

Once the International Affairs Office receives approval from the programme Head and Assistant Registrar we will send your details through to the hosting school as a Stellenbosch Business School-nominated student.

Recommended credit conversion

1 ECTS = 2.5 SAQA

The International Affairs Office will check the course outline, assess the teaching hours and confirm the number of modules students are required to complete to earn sufficient credits.

More information

Please contact the Student Mobility Coordinator Maynette DE WEE:

Room: 2004

Telephone: +27 (0)21 918 4127 | Cell: +27 (0)72 587 7330 | Email: [email protected]

Summer Schools

Final-year students at Stellenbosch Business School may apply to participate in an international summer school. The International Affairs Office will facilitate this process. The transfer of academic credits is possible.

Semester Exchange Students

Registered Stellenbosch Business School students can apply to be nominated to spend a semester at an international business school with whom we have an exchange agreement. Students interested in these opportunities need to meet specific requirements.

Please contact Maynette de Wee at [email protected] for more information.

International Triangular Programme

An exciting new learning programme between University of Stellenbosch Business School, the University of Bath and Zhejiang University with the key theme of ethical leadership in a sustainable global environment.

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We form a part of the prestigious Global Innovation Challenge alliance of business schools, which aims to solve real-life company challenges within high-performing, multicultural and cross-functional teams of master students from eight, internationally accredited business schools worldwide.

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