Customised Academic Programmes

Our internationally accredited programmes are delivered by both academics and industry experts.

They offer a significant learning experience covering theory as well as real-world practice. You can expect an immersive programme that incorporates the following themes:

​Social innovation and entrepreneurship

Sustainable development

Ethics and leadership within a South African context

At Stellenbosch Business School, we recognise the worth of international experiences that broaden perspectives and encourage interdisciplinary approaches to business challenges.

International Week Modules on Sustainable Development provide an overview of the factors that influence economic growth in the South African economy within an uncertain and volatile global environment.

The course presents a multi-disciplinary approach for visiting learners and raises awareness of the impact of climate change, resource scarcity, pollution and rising social inequality on development and implementation of sustainable business models. Groups receive first-hand industry exposure and practical insights on how companies are creating a positive social impact in order to achieve sustainable socio economic development. Groups can engage with industry partners that are invited to present their   sustainability strategies, and demonstrate how they act responsibly by promoting the principles of good corporate citizenship.

The International Affairs Office offers a customized module focused on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The module builds on a combination of academic and industry expertise and exposes students to strategic projects that focus on building sustainable enterprises and achieving wide reaching social impact. Engagement with local entrepreneurs and incubation hubs highlights the challenges of doing business in informal markets and identifies innovation as a key driver for creating an enabling environment that fosters small business and enterprise development.

The module highlights the challenges for small and medium enterprise to navigate the complex context of the African commercial environment, and illustrates how they are achieving growth and expansion within the region. Visiting groups are able to learn by doing, and participate in designed consultancy projects, therefore getting a hands-on experience with identified partner companies.

The course promotes networking among professional and industry peers, and provides comparative business models that are founded in ethical principles.  The module incorporates key subject areas and skills development such as foresight for African futures, and gives leaders the requisite tools and skill set to address the complexity of leading global business in diverse industries.

The course integrates current leadership theory and practice providing each cohort an opportunity for deeper engagement with subject matter experts and professional practitioners. The course module further explores strategies for management of global business, and is tailored to add value to emerging and executive leaders participating on USB International Programmes.

For more information, please contact the Head of the International Affairs Office at Stellenbosch Business School, Samantha Walbrugh-Parsadh, at [email protected].

International Triangular Learning Programme

An exciting new learning programme between University of Stellenbosch Business School, the University of Bath and Zhejiang University with the key theme of ethical leadership in a sustainable global environment.

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Joint Consultancy Projects

To create an immersive learning experience, the International Affairs Office regularly organises consultancy projects for international MBA and EMBA students. Participation in these consultancy projects provides participants with an opportunity to apply their newly-acquired skills in the real world.

Stellenbosch Business School students can apply to participate in these consultancy projects along with the participants from the incoming international business schools. This provides a valuable opportunity for Stellenbosch Business School students to network with international and local executives who provide high-quality solutions to complex business problems.

For more information, please contact the Head of International Affairs Office, Samantha Walbrugh-Parsadh, at [email protected].

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