The creation of new knowledge is a primary objective of Stellenbosch Business School

We are part of Stellenbosch University – the top research university in Africa – and we steer our research agenda to inform business and the content of our curricula.

Stellenbosch Business School creates business knowledge through its research centres, academic conferences, research fellowships, the research undertaken by its faculty members and students, and its partnerships with the business industry and other academic institutions. The school shares its research on various platforms, including its journals, website, conferences and speaker events.

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Management Review is the online platform where Stellenbosch Business School publishes business knowledge based on research conducted by its faculty, students and research centres.

This is where you will find links to the research outputs produced by Stellenbosch Business School’s faculty. This research includes journal articles, books, chapters in books, reports, conference proceedings and more.

Stellenbosch Business School manages two state-subsidised, peer-reviewed internationally acknowledged academic journals.

Various centres at Stellenbosch Business School undertake specialised research, publish articles and reports, and offer workshops, programmes and conferences.

Stellenbosch Business School appoints research fellows from around the world to work with our researchers in order to enhance the academic, learning and research environment.

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