Centre for Responsible Leadership Studies

Centre for Responsible Leadership
Studies (Africa)

Welcome at USB’s Centre for Responsible Leadership Studies (Africa) (CRLS). The CRLS promotes knowledge of responsible leadership in order to enhance leadership for sustainable organisational and institutional effectiveness, especially in Africa. We do this in the following ways:

Generate knowledge in the field of leadership, especially responsible leadership

Develop and deliver need-specific leadership offerings

Develop responsible leaders and responsible leadership

Expand networks and disseminate knowledge about responsible leadership

The centre is rooted in Africa, with a service offering that has practical relevance and stature in both African and global contexts.

Use our research expertise to gain a competitive advantage

If you need an objective assessment of the leadership capacity in organisation as well as ways in which to build and leverage this capacity for sustainable organisational and institutional effectiveness, we can help. Our expertise, research capacity and access to new-generation assessment instruments allow us to pinpoint problem areas and design need-specific solutions.

Our research fees are market-competitive, and all commissioned research is governed by contractual arrangements that regulate the rights and responsibilities of the parties. We can work with you in a number of ways – commissioned, joint or collaborative research.

USB is ideally positioned for research partnerships. Our research expertise is underpinned by our top-rated researchers, our five research centres, and by our postdoctoral research fellows. We also leverage transdisciplinary expertise across the Stellenbosch University ecosystem.

Why the focus on leadership?

Based on research, it is leadership that makes a difference in organisational performance. Responsible leadership is acknowledged as the prime driver of a culture of high performance. The qualifying term “responsible” attached to “leadership” describes a generic quality of all leadership forms and styles, and does not refer to a specific kind of leadership. Hence, it is inclusive of all leadership styles. It refers to the leadership and management of oneself, others, organisations and institutions, and their interactions with one another and with society. This is done in a way that responds to all stakeholders’ concerns, and does so in a morally accountable manner.

Making contact

We invite you to use our research expertise in responsible leadership to your advantage. Make an appointment for an exploratory discussion about the ways in which the Centre for Responsible Leadership Studies can help you assess, build and leverage leadership competencies in your organisation.

For more information on consulting and contract research services in the field of leadership for sustainable organisational and institutional effectiveness, as well as leadership programmes, contact Prof Mias de Klerk at [email protected] or on +27 (0)21 918 4381, or Mrs Samantha Diedericks at [email protected] or on +27 (0) 21 918 4474.

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