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This is where you will find industry and other reports with USB faculty as lead or co-authors.

South African business leaders are putting innovation front and centre in their organisational strategies to help drive sustainable growth. This was one of the key findings in a new pilot study tracking South African public and private sector organisations’ innovation management capabilities.

This report provides an overview of Prof Marius Ungerer’s strategic architecture perspective to stimulate strategising in organisations. Yes, the future will happen despite our plans. But if we do not plan, we may end up further away from what we had hoped.

History shows us that women have always been part of production. How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution change this for blue-collar female workers? What options are available to them? In South Africa, over 17 million women receive social welfare grants. How can these women be enabled to contribute to the national output? Where does vocational education fit into all of this? Do HR managers know what benefits are important to this group of women? The research papers in SABPP Women’s Report 2018 explore various aspects of women in blue-collar jobs.

Can the private sector be seen as a peacebuilding actor? Underpinned by 11 case studies, literature reviews and consultation, this project comes to the conclusion that the private sector can indeed be regarded as an engine of development, an inhibitor of fragility, and an actor that can shift conflict dynamics in a manner that favours peace.

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