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Our projects are informed by the Centre’s vision, mission and manifesto, and are often supported by public sector or private sector partners. The Centre invites proposals from interested parties at any time to investigate new projects.

The Africa Directors Programme (ADP) is presented by governance and leadership experts with international experience who will share their personal journeys and experiences with participants in a uniquely fluid, dynamic and collaborative manner. The Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa is a programme associate of this programme, which is the flagship programme offered by USB Executive Development.

During three modules each participant will be enabled to master the duties of a director with self-awareness, professionalism and sound judgement. Participants will connect with their inner strengths and become better equipped to exercise responsible leadership in matters of strategy, performance, risk and stakeholder management. They will become more confident in communication, open debate and decision-making in the context of board dynamics and also gain practical experience in dealing with the media.

Upon completion participants will receive a certificate from Stellenbosch University, become an alumnus of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and join a rich network of leaders across the African continent who are aiming to make a meaningful contribution by leading and serving the communities and organisations they belong to.

The content of the programme has been aligned to the IoDSA’s Director Competency FrameworkTM. It therefore forms part of the Chartered Director Career Path by contributing to the knowledge and skills required during the CD(SA)® assessment should participants wish to follow this route.

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The Centre offers training on integrated reporting, which is co-presented with the Swiss headquartered consulting group BSD (now part of ELEVATE, the leading business risk and sustainability solutions provider). The 2019 events will be hosted by Old Mutual, and co-presented by Jonathon Hanks of Incite (Cape Town, Johannesburg) and Cornis van der Lugt of the USB and BSD / ELEVATE (Zurich).

The following two programmes are offered:

  • <IR> Introductory Training for Beginners, a one day training event for managers new in overseeing the <IR> process or new in the reporting function, introducing them to the integrated approach to value creation, the core principles, content elements, and process of developing an <IR>: Cape Town 18 July 2019 and Johannesburg 22 July 2019. Participants will receive an IIRC certificate.
  • <IR> Advanced Practitioners Workshop on the <IR> experience, latest international trends in advanced reporting, challenges in the integrated thinking and reporting process, problem areas in report content and improved ways of engaging the providers of financial capital: Cape Town 19 July 2019 and Johannesburg 23 July 2019.

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Carrots & Sticks is produced jointly by the Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa, KPMG International, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). A dedicated web site ( contains a database of mandatory and voluntary instruments that either require or encourage organizations to report sustainability-related information. The data covers instruments in 64 countries and was collected during research for the 2016 edition of the Carrots & Sticks report. It builds on data collected since 2006 when the Carrots & Sticks series was established. The next publication will be launched in 2020.

To download a copy of the latest report, click here.

The Chairman’s Forum was originally sponsored by Vodacom and meets twice per year.  Participation is restricted to the chairpersons of large entities. Guest speakers are invited to present on topical issues. The Chatham House Rule applies at all meetings. For more information, please contact the director of the Centre (

The Future of Trust and Integrity is a multi-year project of the World Economic Forum. It aims to define the fundamental role of building trust and integrity while addressing the root causes of corruption to promote sustained growth, restore organizational credibility and build stability. The director of the Centre, Prof Daniel Malan, is a member of the advisory committee of the project. Activities that will focus on South Africa are planned for 2019 and 2020.

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