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Study for a postgraduate diploma designed around your needs at an internationally accredited South African Business School

If you want a postgraduate diploma that will equip you with employable skills, and that makes it easy for you to study while you work, then the PGDips at the University of Stellenbosch Business School will serve you well.

They have been newly designed with content relevance, flexibility and convenience in mind to offer postgraduate diplomas in Namibia – and even further studies should you consider an MBA or other Master’s degree after that.

For the redesign, we have consulted with top industry and learning design experts, and benchmarked our objectives with elite international business schools. We did all of this to ensure that these new PGDips in Namibia will help you benefit from our business school’s most recognised areas of expertise.

Importantly, you will be studying at a business school with all three of the major international accreditations – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Only about 1% of the world’s business schools have the “Triple Crown” of accreditations. Also, we were the first business school from an African university to have achieved these accreditations.

Flexibility – so you can study while you work

We have redesigned the courses to ensure that you have the ultimate study flexibility. You can choose the course duration and attendance option most suitable for you. This means you can choose to complete your Postgraduate Diploma in Namibia over one year or two years. You can also choose the study format: blended learning (regular online classes, usually one late afternoon session per week if you want to complete your studies in one year, or every fortnight if you are spreading your studies over two years) or modular (blocks of classes spread over time).

The modules of the redesigned PGDips are offered in two phases: a foundation phase and a specialisation phase. The foundation phase modules focus on responsible leadership, understanding the local and global ecosystems in which we operate, thinking frameworks for better decision making, and more. The modules in the specialisation phase are programme-specific.

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More about the convenience of blended learning

The blended learning classes are not just any type of online classes. They are offered in a specific time-slot in a high-tech environment that enables you to immerse yourself in a premium learning experience using an internet-linked laptop from wherever you are in the world. Our lecturers are trained in the art of virtual facilitation and teaching.

This means that for most of your studies, you can stay in your country – logging in from your board room or home office, or wherever your work is taking you. This also implies savings on travel and accommodation costs.

Programmes offered in Namibia

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration

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USB’s internationally accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration (PGDip BMA) will help you unlock the skills you need to set up and run your own business or practice, or to prepare yourself for a managerial position. That is why it covers essential management skills such as business finance, marketing management, and entrepreneurship and innovation. This Business Management and Administration PGDip in Namibia can give you access to an MBA.

Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance

More Info

The Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance (PGDip DevFin) is particularly suited to help you unlock the skills needed to develop Africa where it matters. You will also be exposed to skills that are critical for Africa’s future – such as responsible leadership, the management of risk and uncertainty, and the management of projects.

Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies

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USB’s internationally accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies will help you understand the forces and trends that shape the future, and the nature of global change. This will enable you to manage long-term organisational strategies aimed at designing the ideal future, and allow you to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities.

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

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USB’s Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management incorporates advanced management skills and strategic project management skills, allowing you to fill senior-level positions in any organisation. This will allow you to confidently manage projects in a competitive business environment.

Invest in your future self

Our redesigned PGDips will provide you with a transformative learning experience to acquire the leadership skills, thinking frameworks and capabilities you need to find your way forward – regardless of whether you see your future self in an executive, managerial, specialist or entrepreneurial position.

Other benefits

These PGDips in Namibia offer other benefits as well:

  • Networking in a diverse environment: During the foundation phase of your PGDip, you will be joined in class by the foundation phase students from the other redesigned PGDips. This makes for a rich experience as you will also learn from the different perspectives of students from different industry backgrounds, cultures and geographies. Also, you will form valuable networks that will benefit you for years to come.
  • Fees: These PGDips are competitively priced. If you choose the two-year PGDip, you can spread the payment of your fees over two years. The South African exchange rate favours international students.
  • African-focused expertise, global relevance: Our school is a recognised African leader with a global reputation. Studying with us, you will gain a global perspective, but with unique African contextualisation.

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