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A Marketing Department Initiative


As an academic and researcher you are at the forefront of providing insight into South Africa and Africa’s most topical issues, trends and evolutions. But to truly have an impact in society, your expertise and voice need to be heard far beyond those of your peers and academic journals. It is vital to showcase – via the media – the relevance of the business school in today’s modern society.

USB’s Marketing Department would like to collaborate with all academics in unearthing interesting, thought-provoking research and opinion pieces, and turn them into compelling articles that will be used as editorial content by the media.

Why Media Relations?
Online, print and broadcast media have a wide-reaching role in influencing the connection people have with a particular brand by creating credibility, interest and familiarity. These very publicity pieces, when shared via social media, have the potential to reach audiences far broader. In the competitive environment of business schools, guiding perceptions and public opinion are imperative to sustain USB’s advantage as a leading hub for business education, through leadership and raising the bar of public discourse. Media relations assists the business school to reach its vision and mission and to clearly communicate, with creative and pro-active means, the actions and resolutions the business school aims to achieve. It showcases the relevance of a business school in today’s world, and it allows USB to be viewed as an active participant in topical issues affecting society and business. Ultimately, media relations plays a role in increasing enrolment numbers, enhancing USB’s reputation and strengthening stakeholder engagement.

Start your media journey today!
From time to time the USB Marketing Department will contact you for comment or insight. The deadlines will not be ridiculous but are set for a reason: if the topic is currently in the news, it requires a timeous response in order to have an impact on the discussions taking place or to link to a commemorative or significant date in the country’s calendar, such as the State of the Nation Address. But having said this, your involvement is not only required when the Marketing Department makes contact. We encourage all academics to engage proactively with us. So please send us your research to see where we can leverage this in the media to your benefit as well as the school’s benefit.

I simply don’t have the time
We understand the enormous pressure that faculty members are facing daily. And the request to write an opinion piece, review press releases based on your research and deal with media interviews and queries compounds the situation. However, please remember that this will not be a regular request. In our effort to raise the awareness of USB and its academic programmes and to strengthen the public profile of the business school, we seek to engage with diverse content and insight, giving academics the chance to share in the media spotlight. The value of media relations for both USB and individual academics is far-reaching.

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Media training
The Marketing Department will inform all academic staff of the media training that will be offered throughout the year.