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This is where you will find articles based on research undertaken by USB’s faculty and students.

By Annaliese Jeanne Badenhorst

The private sector, on its own or in partnership with the public sector, is perfectly positioned to provide increased access to higher education where government is unable to. This study explored how the combination of private and ODL higher education will evolve over the next ten years in South Africa.

By Leslie William Thomas

How do corporate leaders cope with the emotional burden of implementing the downsizing? How do they deal with the anxiety, anger, guilt, envy, relief and denial typically associated with this? There is growing evidence that executioners suffer from similar symptoms as those who are survivors and victims of downsizing even though their experiences differ.

by Kingstone Mutsonziwa and Dr Ashenafi Fanta

Consumer credit can empower people to make better lives for themselves. Yet, over-indebtedness has become a serious concern and an agenda item for policy makers in countries all over the world. Why is over-indebtedness rising and how is this linked to increased poverty?

By Dr Pieter Opperman and Prof Charles Adjasi

Migration in Africa is increasing. In the past, migrants used both formal and informal systems to transfer money to their countries of origin. Now there remittances need to be transferred through official channels. This has a significant impact on the formal banking system and on financial sector development.

By Foluso Akinsola and Sylvanus Ikhide

When a financial crisis occurs, banks become much more cautious in their lending behaviour. SMEs are usually the first to feel the sting of banks’ restraint. Is there scope for traditional lending models to change?

By Nishant Saxena and Prof Marius Ungerer

When a pharmaceutical giant from India decides to make a strategic acquisition in South Africa, what challenges are likely to present themselves? And what is the likelihood of the story having a happy ending?

By Hendrik Steynberg

With numbers of corporate failures rising, questions are being asked about the quality of corporate governance nowadays. And how strong is the link between corporate governance and organisational performance?

By Tessa Deighton

The prospect of retirement can be very unsettling for corporate executives whose personal identity is often intertwined with their professional status and achievements. What role can retirement coaching play in facilitating a smooth transition?

By Tarryn Gill Mushfieldt

High-performance organisations demand peak performance from their employees. Performance assessments allow performance to be measured against agreed targets. But less-than-stellar performance ratings can batter people’s self-esteem. Is there another way?

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