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This is where you will find articles based on research undertaken by USB’s faculty and students.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. What should SA organisations be doing to remain competitive and relevant in a fast-changing world?

This article looks at brand engagement on social media platforms from a generally overlooked perspective: that of employees.

We wanted to understand whether men and women, or gender traits, best predicted differences in the importance placed on work roles and career roles.

Human behaviour is one of the weakest links in online security. But just how aware are South Africans of good password practices?

Reflection is increasingly viewed as a key element in business-driven action learning. What is meant by reflective learning, and how does it contribute to corporate and personal growth?

Business schools are ideally placed to prepare future leaders. How can coaching skills help leaders to make a difference – especially in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals?

What wine producers and marketers need to know about how consumers choose wines: Should you be targeting novices and experts differently?

UN Global Compact signatories submit annual progress reports on human rights, labour standards, environmental standards and anti-corruption measures. How are the SA signatories performing?

Obesity in the workplace is a growing problem worldwide. What should companies, and particularly HR departments, be doing to address this disturbing trend?

What motivates consumer behaviour when considering and purchasing green vehicles in South Africa? And how should retailers and marketers position their green marketing strategies?

Most family businesses do not survive past the second generation. Can a success map help to keep such businesses on track for future generations?

Share repurchases – an alternative to dividend payments – have grown in popularity. But there are concerns that they are being used to manipulate companies’ share prices in the short term. Are these valid concerns?

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