June – December 2018

Letter from the director

Prof Piet Naudé

Academic research is important. However, there is also a need for knowledge that could be applied directly or at least quite smoothly to actual business problems. This requires a translation of theory into practice; it requires a different genre than pure academic language to ensure wider accessibility; and it requires a different form of validation from actual knowledge users instead of collegial peer reviews. This is what USB Management Review is about.

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Stellenbosch Business School Director
Stellenbosch Business School Professor

Letter from the editor

Prof Mias De Klerk

It is with great pride that we welcome you to the first edition of USB Management Review. The focus of this publication is leadership integrity. Prof Piet Naudé explores the moral treason that leaders can, and sometimes do, commit. Another article looks at the unconscious motives underlying the rationalisations that transgressors of ethics typically believe will acquit them from guilt, indemnify them, or redeem their corrupt acts. In his article, USB MBA student Jantes Prinsloo investigated the combination of integrity and vulnerability as a filter for good leadership.

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June – December 2018


Sep 27

11 minutes to read

Reflection – like questioning, journaling and mindfulness exercises – is increasingly used to complement the action ...
Dec 15

13 minutes to read

Reflection – like questioning, journaling and mindfulness exercises – is increasingly used to complement the action ...

June – December 2018


Oct 04

18 minutes to read

South African households use 25% of available electricity. Given the country’s ongoing energy crisis, can households h...
Sep 15

14 minutes to read

Private capital flows to developing regions, including Africa, have spiked in recent years, alleviating balance of payme...

June – December 2018


Oct 14

8 minutes to read

Can the seven strategic interventions proposed in this report bring about an inclusive, equitable and sustainable econom...
Aug 14

8 minutes to read

How does one make sense of Covid-19? In this report, USB’s lecturers unpack topics like entrepreneurial survival, valu...

June – December 2018

Food for Thought

Dec 18

19 minutes to read

The research process can be daunting for postgraduate students. What are the sources and signs of students’ uncertaint...
Dec 15

9 minutes to read

So many of the research studies that inform policies are conducted in the Global North. Where is the Global South’s vo...

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