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This is where you will find articles based on research undertaken by USB’s faculty and students.

By Prof Daniel Malan

Various fraud models and red flag ratios are available for those who need to predict fraud, point out operating, liquidity and solvency problems, or carry out due diligence screenings. This article looks at seven such guidelines that would have raised red flags had Steinhoff’s board of directors applied them.

By Brian Ganson and Herbert M’cleod

Stronger private sector involvement is often hailed as the key to fragile states’ socio-economic recovery. Yet there is mounting evidence that the private sector can be more of a hindrance than a help. Is it time for a new model to tackle fragility

By Ernst Gouws and Tasneem Motala

In South Africa’s highly competitive alcoholic beverage industry, service quality is paramount – especially with all the international companies competing for market share. How are suppliers shaping up and can their performance be measured?

By Prof Anita Bosch and Shimon Barit

In many countries, the gender pay gap – or the difference in wages between men and women for the same type of work or work of equal value – is still a stumbling block in achieving gender equality. This is where pay transparency can force employers to remunerate fairly and equally.

By Prof Martin Butler and JPJ Buys

There is growing fear that the robots of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will take people’s jobs away. This is not necessarily the case. However, employers will have to facilitate the transition of the workforce – from an educational and skills development perspective – to coincide with shifts in technology.

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