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This is where you will find articles based on research undertaken by USB’s faculty and students.

By Nobantu Mkhwanazi

Stokvels are popular among low-income households in South Africa as they are an accessible and low-tech alternative to the formal financial services sector. Yet, as the country moves rapidly into the digital era, is it time for stokvels to go online?

By Sam Orton

One in four adults procrastinate because they are task aversive, fear failure and feel overwhelmed. Procrastination is costly to companies. Can a smartphone app help employees to be more productive? This study looked at how games can be used to satisfy the psychological needs of autonomy, competence and relatedness.

By Dr Langelihle Simela and Dr Nyankomo Marwa

Collaborative partnerships – like that between the government’s Small Enterprise Finance Agency and commercial banks – can help developing farmers in South Africa to establish commercially viable agri-enterprises. This article looks at the critical success factors that these partnerships could consider to collaborate more efficiently.

By Chunming Shi

China and the USA are both technological superpowers and rivals in the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI). What will China’s AI landscape look like by 2030 and which of the two countries is likely to win the AI race?

By Marelise Carstens, Prof Marius Ungerer and Prof Gert Human

Multisided pure-play platforms, ranging from Alibaba to Uber and Airbnb, have taken e-commerce to a whole new level. But building a loyal user base means understanding why many people still consider online business risky.

By Chantelle Solomon and Prof Salomé Van Coller-Peter

Millennials (or ‘Generation Y’) are shaking things up in the workplace, expecting more from their organisations and themselves and changing the rules of the game. Can coaching bridge the gap between millennials’ expectations and more traditional corporate values?

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