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By Prof Brian Ganson

Social and political stability can support the long-term financial performance of companies. It is thus often assumed that business leaders are natural advocates for, and potential partners in, initiatives to promote good governance and peaceful development. However, in many African countries, and elsewhere, this is often not the case.

By Wim Conradie and Prof Mias de Klerk

Technology makes it possible for knowledge workers like software developers to work from home and/or flexitime. For employees, this comes with benefits such as cost savings, convenience and a better work-life balance. But employers are asking: Can we trust these employees do an honest day’s work?

By Dr Colin Habberton

What aspects of institutional investors’ decision-making process need to change for responsible investing to become the philosophy that guides their investment decisions?

By Prof Martin Butler

We work in an increasingly digitised environment characterised by distributed teams and automated work processes. Hierarchies are replaced by networks. Algorithms help to make decisions. More data, variables and people dynamics mean more complexity. What are the skills required of managers to cope with this ever-changing context?

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