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July – December 2019

Letter from the editor

What does our digital future hold?

Welcome to the latest edition of Stellenbosch Management Review. This is where we publish narrative articles extracted from journal articles, PhD theses and more to make our research accessible to a wider audience. 

The role of technology in the business ecosystem cannot be overstated. If we do not align our mindsets, methods and moves accordingly, we will fall behind. Articles that shed light on this topic include How can African tech startups survive their first year of operation? (90% of tech startups fail within a year, which means they are missing critical capabilities); Yes, both human and chatbot coaches can help people to achieve their goals (coaching is costly, but AI can help); and Uganda: How social networks help to increase the adoption of mobile money technology (find out how family, friends and the media help individuals decide about using mobile money tech).

Responsible leadership is ingrained into Stellenbosch Business School’s DNA. Read about one organisation’s journey to incorporate responsible sustainability management into its way of doing business. But first, various forces – the organisation’s own realisations, external pressure, damning NGO reports, and the willingness to talk, acknowledge shortcomings and put measures in place – had to converge to make this happen. We also offer five project management skills that leaders can use for business recovery.

Timely articles on finance discuss mandatory audit firm rotation, South Africa’s carbon tax rate, and the impact of financial development on sectoral growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

The environment in which we are operating is changing all the time. We trust that our research will help you find your way forward.


Prof Charles Adjasi

Head: Research

Editorial Director: Stellenbosch Management Review

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