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This is where you will find articles based on research undertaken by USB’s faculty and students.

With many organisations vying for the same talent, it is important to use the correct methods to identify and attract the best talent. This research investigates the impact of social media on the recruitment process in South Africa.

In 2016 there were 264 female actuaries in South Africa, constituting 23% of the actuarial professional population in the country. Currently, black women make up only 6% of this population. With the limitations black females are facing long after apartheid has ended, what attracted them to the actuarial profession and what will it take for them to continue?

Can existential leadership coaching offer a way to address the leadership development needs in the unique context of a private medical partnership?

How do newly promoted senior managers experience their transition into a role with more challenges and responsibilities? How do they cope with initial impressions, and facing and overcoming challenges? And what can organisations do to support these managers?

This article looks at the impact of investor attention on stock market and foreign exchange market volatility in emerging economies using innovative attention proxies that capture the dynamics of the information processing stages.

GDP is a production-based measure of progress. It measures growth – the more, the better. But now, the use of GDP is being challenged by the growing consciousness of environmental and human development imperatives. Why should there be only one indicator to capture growth?

The fund management expenses of actively managed unit trusts are higher than those associated with exchange traded funds. But are the high fees justifiable in the case of actively managed unit trusts? And do they actually provide superior returns?

Not all entrepreneurs start businesses to have autonomy or capitalise on an opportunity. Some do so to have more meaning in their lives.

In this study, a narrative video donation advertisement with an emotional appeal was compared to a written funding proposal as a way to attract donations. This study found that the video donation request led to a more favourable donation outcome.

The demand for a faster release of official statistics has fuelled a growing need by statistical offices for accurate nowcasts – the short-range forecasting of a statistic – based on reliable techniques for the estimation of key components of their headline statistics. Can a nowcasting algorithm be developed that works without the use of big data?

The 2017 Budget Review triggered a call to increase the exemption threshold for employer-provided bursaries to relatives of employees. A new exemption threshold was also proposed for students and learners with disabilities. This is because the costs associated with educating those with disabilities tend to exceed the costs faced by their able-bodied counterparts.

This essay is a bi-disciplinary effort in applied ethics by a theologian and an economist who both share the convictions of the Christian faith and who wish to demonstrate the significance of this faith for the vexing question of economic inequality.

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