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USB offers exchange study opportunities for international students through:

Cooperating on academic programmes

Conducting joint research projects

Running exchange student programmes at USB

Structuring programmes for visiting student groups from abroad

Important information

The semester dates are as follows:

Semester 2 (winter and spring) 2 July – December 2018
Orientation: (11 – 15 July 2018) – Compulsory

For more information check the Exchange Programme for 2018.

Local Students please take note of the following registration information:

  • For registration purposes, students must arrive on campus a few days (recommended 7 days) before the start of their courses.
  • An international student levy is payable upon registration. This covers administrative costs, student internet access and photocopying. Should students use more than this amount for internet and photocopying during their stay, the balance will be payable before students leave.
  • Students have to pay for their own textbooks, accommodation, transport and meals.
  • During the first week of every semester, an orientation programme is organised for exchange students by the Exchange Student Coordinator. Attendance is compulsory and includes a guided tour of Cape Town.

International students must also take note of the following accommodation information:

  • USB does not provide student accommodation. It is the responsibility of all international students to obtain their own accommodation. However, exchange students will be supported in finding accommodation. Please contact Maynette De Wee, USB’s Exchange Student Mobility Coordinator, at
  • Comfortable accommodation is available at the Bellvista Lodge on the USB campus. It is recommended that you stay at the Bellvista Lodge for a week or two while you are looking for alternative accommodation that may better suit your budget. It is advisable to make reservations well in advance. For more information go to or send an e-mail to

If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the International Affairs Office or the relevant individual below:


Samantha Walbrugh-Parsadh

Head: International Affairs

Tel: +27 (0)21 918 4200

Fax: +27 (0)21 918 4201



Maynette De Wee

Student Mobility Coordinator

Tel: +27 (0)21 918 4127



Requirements students need to meet:

  • A pass of all courses and an average of 65% or higher in order to qualify for nomination
  • Applicants must be registered USB students in 2018
  • Tuition fees are (either partially or fully) waived with some partner institutions, however, students need to pay their own return flight ticket, accommodation, subsistence, visa & medical insurance costs.


Due to limited available slots at the hosting schools, applications will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

Apply now

Short-term students need to be aware of the following costs:

Although tuition fees are waived in lieu of the exchange agreement, the compulsory Exchange Administrative Fee (EAF) for 2018 is ZAR 11 390.00 per exchange student.

Payment of the EAF is required prior to registration.

The EAF includes the following:

  • Airport transfers
  • Orientation programme and catering
  • Internet and E-mail access
  • Student Card
  • Photocopies
  • Teas/coffees
  • 2 x term functions
  • Company visits with transport
  • MBA course outlines
  • E-Books / Textbooks

This does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Medical insurance and costs
  • Flights

The application deadlines are as follows:

January (Semester 1): 15 October

July (Semester 2): 15 April


The following documents have to be uploaded during the online application process before your student can submit the application:

  • Letter of recommendation from home institution
  • Comprehensive CV (at least 18 months’ work experience required)
  • Academic record (65% average or more)
  • Recent TOEFL test results (or a letter from your home institution confirming proof of English proficiency at a Masters level)


Your application must contain the following documentation:

  • Letter of recommendation from home institution
  • Comprehensive CV
  • Academic records
  • Proof of at least 18 months of RELEVANT work experience
  • Recent TOEFL test results (all classes are taught in English)
  • Subject registration form
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of medical insurance valid for the duration of your stay in South Africa
  • Student contact details – including e-mail address
  • Study permit (USB will supply you with an official letter to support this application) – do NOT proceed to South Africa without the study permit

Important: Students should NOT purchase a flight ticket or make accommodation arrangements before they have received official notification of their admission at USB. For more information, contact Maynette De Wee at

The International Triangular Learning Programme

The International Triangular Learning Programme is a collaborative programme between the University of Stellenbosch Business School, the University of Bath and Zhejiang University and aims to teach ethical leadership in a sustainable global environment.
For more details or to register for the programme, click the link below.

click here

Testimonials from our alumni

Justin Siljeur, MBA alumnus,


Salman Kajie, MBA alumnus of Stellenbosch Business School,


Rushana Hartnick, Current Student,



Jan Naude, Futurist, Institute for Futures Research at the University of Stellenbosch,

‘The PhD study enhanced my career as analyst and consultant tremendously. Previously, I tended to have a narrow approach as an analyst of global geo-strategic dynamics. The PhD (Futures Studies) changed all that and ingrained a holistic approach based on open-mindedness to see things more clearly from multiple perspectives.’

Rianne van Vuuren , Advisor at Aquilo Forecasting ,

‘The road of exploring the philosophy and methodologies of Futures Studies was indeed bumpy but also extremely rewarding. Although many academic disciplines do pursue elements of forward-looking perspectives, only Future Studies provides a multi-, trans- and inter-disciplinary approach.’

Set-son Shifidi, Modular MBA, Technical Executive: Lithon Project Consultants, Namibia,

‘USB’s MBA curriculum is well-designed with an optimal balance of subjects and a good focus on leadership development. This qualification has transformed and expanded my thinking horizon, personally, in business and within my community.’

Katherine Persson, Modular MBA, Project Portfolio Manager, Windlab, Cape Town, South Africa,

‘My USB MBA journey was both challenging and inspiring. Alongside gaining many skills that have enabled me to take my career to the next level, the MBA course required deep introspection and encouraged me to be a better person and a stronger leader in business, in my personal life and in society.’

Dr Denise Botha, Full-time MBA, Clinical Executive, Metropolitan Health Group MMI, Cape Town, South Africa,

‘The USB MBA has equipped me with the strategic and business skills required to broaden my career path. However, more than just academic teaching, the MBA played a significant role in my journey towards purpose-driven and effective leadership. Highlights include networking with diverse local and international colleagues; global exposure through the business tour to India and thought-provoking electives at the end of the MBA. These components make it a privilege to be associated with a triple-crowned global business school.’

Dr Michael Datt, Modular MBA, Senior Manager: Chemical Conversions Group, Sasol Research & Technology, Sasolburg, South Africa,

‘The USB MBA has enabled me to have a systemic view of business decisions, problem solving and strategy formulation and provided world class tools and frameworks to help facilitate an holistic view of my global organisation. The Leadership Module was integral in gaining deep personal insight into what drives my decision making and provided excellent practical frameworks that helped me to become a more authentic leader with an immediate positive impact.’

Sivenasen Moodley, Modular MBA, Account Lead, Unilever South Africa, Durban, South Africa,

‘The USB MBA allowed me to explore and find the kind of leader I am and the kind of leader I want to evolve to be. The Leadership Module, International Study Module and electives give USB the edge over other similar programmes and have shaped my perspective on management, leadership and doing business on the continent.’

Dr Renata Schoeman, Modular MBA, Psychiatrist in private practice; Senior lecturer: Leadership, USB, Bellville, South Africa,

‘The USB MBA stimulated and empowered me in so many ways – from someone with a passion and a profession, to a leader with a mission! The excellent curriculum, with an emphasis on leadership development and strategic management and integration, as well as the international exposure through the executive MBA consortium programme, firmly marks USB as a world class institution.’

Seraj Toefy, Modular MBA, Managing Director, Bespoke Media (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa,

‘The USB MBA was a formulation and confirmation of theories and principles that I had been exposed to through my 15 years’ work experience prior to starting with the programme. The Leadership Module allowed me to be critical of myself and to identify weaknesses that I needed to improve. The USB MBA gave me the confidence to start my own business midway through the programme.’

Sadia Murray, 2018 MBA stream in Health Care Leadership,

‘An MBA offers a completely different skill set for me. I wanted to stretch myself and attain skills that could benefit me in my future endeavours. Also, working in the public health care system, there is so much that I feel that I want to do and I hope that the MBA will give me the skills that I need to affect positive change in the public health sector.’

Tamsyn Gradwell, PGD in Financial Planning 2017 (cum laude),

‘I’ve worked in the financial industry as a financial advisor for almost five years during which I learnt about USB’s PGD in Financial Planning from colleagues and legal advisors who spoke of its merits and advantages. My motivation for enrolling was to gain credibility in the industry. In my work I am starting to identify more opportunities for financial advisors to engage with clients on a higher level. I am starting to ask clients the right questions. I am able to think like a professional after completing the PGD in Financial Planning.’

Zepho Malunga, PGD in Project Management, Senior Cost Engineer, PetroSA,

‘I find this programme practical but also relevant for today’s dynamic world. I was particularly impressed with the emotional intelligence and conflict management modules. It is pivotal to emphasise people skills as a critical requirement in the selection of project champions.’

Jacques Sowden, PGD in Project Management, Contract Manager, Group Five Building (Coastal),

‘This programme allows me to further my professional development as a leader while meeting excellent professors and business leaders in an international setting combined with a great class atmosphere.’

Lorna Ntwalana, PGD in Project Management, eProcurement and SAP Materials Management Specialist (trainee), PetroSA,

‘The tools and techniques acquired through this programme have helped me to deliver successful projects at work and in social environments. Because the programme also focuses on leadership development and emotional intelligence, I’ve learnt how to effectively deal with the realities of working with people.’

Linda Manzini, MPhil in Management Coaching, own coaching practice, Johannesburg,

‘I decided to do this programme because of my yearning to remain relevant in the coaching field. What intrigues me about coaching is the ability to actually make a difference in the lives of professional people. I like the fact that I can establish my own coaching model and not be put in a box. I also like the exposure to what is actually relevant in the currently market of coaching.’

Eric Spencer, MPhil in Management Coaching, Head: The PathCare Academy, Cape Town,

‘I chose USB because I wanted an institution with a solid reputation and good accreditation. I also wanted a Master’s programme and not a certificate course. For me, managing people has always been about helping them find their own solutions. So, I have always been a bit of natural coach, but this programme gives me the academic background that I need.’

Saskia Haardt, MPhil Management Coaching (cum laude), USB Top Student 2015 in Management Coaching, Development Advisor, GIZ, Eastern Cape,

‘This programme equipped me with a meaningful approach towards understanding myself and others. I have learnt how to use coaching as a tool to work with the aspirations of people in personal and professional interplay. For me, management coaching provides an opportunity to bring out the strengths of people, especially in the government sector, where one is expected to make an impact in the lives of others whilst being exposed to a very difficult environment of balancing expectations.’

George Martin, PGD in Leadership Development, Business Development Manager, Mutual & Federal,

‘This PGD has challenged me and my view on leadership. Through the diverse content and insightful lectures I gained the necessary knowledge and experience to ultimately shift my paradigm and become a more influential leader.’

Charlton August, PDG in Leadership Development, Offshore Exploration Manager, Namdeb Diamond Corporation,

‘This unique programme allows me to understand my authentic leadership style and how it impacts my personal life, work and the world around me. The programme does not only focus on the latest principles of leadership but also provides practical guidance that will positively impact your role as a leader.’

Natalie Damonze, PGD in Leadership Development, Financial Analyst, Indigo Brands Pty Ltd,

‘I chose this programme as a stepping stone to an MBA. I want to understand my role as a leader, and how I could make a difference now and in future. This programme has taught me to look within myself, but also to consider the dynamics and the diversity of individuals. I know I will walk away with greater insight into what it means to be a great leader.’

Marliese Berndt, PGD in Leadership Development, Director, UPP Consulting, Stellenbosch, South Africa,

‘This programme strengthened my leadership qualities and skills. It led me on an exhilarating journey of discovery to qualities and skills that were either dormant – or ones that I did not know I possessed. I walked away a confident, energised and highly skilled leader with the ability to transfer those skills and do what all good leaders should do: Develop new leaders for a world in need of courageous leaders.’

Liz Hillock, Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies 2014, has subsequently completed her MPhil in Futures Studies,

‘I found the PGDip in Futures Studies incredibly rewarding. Although it is part of the Business School, the course itself is interdisciplinary. It not only helped me in aspects of my job but, more importantly, it has enabled me to see the world at large with fresh eyes.’

Isaac Nkama, Director at Facilitation Africa, PGD and MPhil in Futures Studies,

‘In a rapidly changing world, the ability to interpret and influence your environment can make the difference between securing your relevance in tomorrow’s world – or an irreversible error for your organisation’s future. This multidisciplinary programme is for those who recognise that the globalised and highly dynamic world is no longer business as usual, and who want to stay ahead by strategically shaping today’s developments for tomorrow’s success.’

Doris Viljoen, PGD in Futures Studies 2016,

‘The PGD in Futures Studies seamlessly integrates seemingly dissimilar fields into a whole that both challenged and extended my perspective of our complex world. I enjoyed the diversity of the subject material and the challenges set by the very practical assignments. I prefer to be in class with my fellow students, but the option to attend virtually meant that I could travel and still attend class from wherever there was an internet connection.’

Dave Munro, Fund head, Vumela Enterprise Development Fund, Heidelberg, South Africa,

“I researched available Masters programmes in Development Finance globally, and USB provided the best combination of applied knowledge and research. It is a privilege for me to learn with such a diverse group of people in this field.”

Rutendo Change, 2015 MPhil Development Finance, Associate Consultant, ZIMBISA, Harare, Zimbabwe,

‘As a future policy maker, I needed a programme that would stimulate critical thinking about the continent’s development challenges and act as a platform for the exchange of ideas and solutions to improve opportunities for all Africans. I have started building networks in Southern, West and East Africa, a tribe of Africa’s future leaders committed to the advancement of the continent and its people. No other development finance programme is as committed to Africa as USB’s MDevF.’

Iesrafeel Jakoet, 2015 MPhil Development Finance, Chief Financial Officer, OIM Group, Cape Town, South Africa,

‘With USB’s rating as one of the top three business schools in Africa, it was the obvious choice for me. I chose the MDevF to challenge myself on a professional and personal level. It broadened my knowledge base and gave me a different perspective on the challenges faced by the African continent. I’ve met some extraordinary people on this programme and it has made me realise the importance of a strong network of leaders who, together, can deal with the unique challenges of our continent.’

Elton Jangale, 2015 MDevF, Partner, PFI Partnerships (Public-Private Partnership Practitioners), Blantyre, Malawi; Board Director, Malawi Stock Exchange; Board Director, Malawi Revenue Authority,

‘I enrolled on MDevF to enhance my skills as a PPP practitioner. The MDevF, its experienced professors and diverse students challenged me to take a broader view of Africa’s sustainable economic development. I have now become a Development Practitioner playing various roles in promoting the economic development of Malawi and SADC.’

Mphumleli Dyushu, PGD in Development Finance, Director: Planning and Reporting, Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform,

‘This programme opened my eyes to our role as Africans in achieving development and access to finance and wealth creation for our generation and generations to come. Diverse experiences and expertise in class made learning more interesting and it created a lifelong network for me. This PGD has changed my life. I now live with a vision for development.’

Chris Peters, PGD in Development Finance, Post Investment Manager, Small Enterprise Finance Agency, East London,

‘USB’s PGD in Development Finance has made me realise the huge gap that African countries have with regard to financial stability and development. We as Africans need to identify innovative ways to finance and grow development. USB’s PGD in Development Finance helps us with this.’

Ritsep Mataboge, PGD in Development Finance, Manager, Commercial Banking Rest of Africa, Standard Bank, Johannesburg ,

‘As a young South African woman, I have a role in the development of this continent that I call home. This programme has allowed me to fulfil this role.’

Cecilia van der Walt, PGD in Business Management and Administration, Asset Finance Consultant, Bidvest Bank,

“This programme has inspired me to become a catalyst for change in the entrepreneurial sector of our country. It has encouraged me to become an effective leader and it challenges any traditional thinking.”

Deshan Raidoo, PGD in Business Management and Administration, Plant Manager: Iron Making, ArcelorMittal South Africa,

“The experience on USB’s PGD in Business Management and Administration has already begun to transform my life. USB has made the transition from the office to the business school very pleasant. The networking on the programme is incredible.”

Phemelo Mitchell, 2015 PGD in Business Management and Administration, Contracts Engineer, Actom: John Thompson,

“I enrolled for the PGD in Business Management and Administration to gain insight into what the MBA entails as I would like to do my MBA as well. I cannot always attend the class sessions because I work on sites locally and internationally, but through the accessibility of learning, this programme allows me to continue with my education from anywhere in the world as long as I have internet connection.”

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