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By Poonam Harry-Nana and Anita Bosch

Effective leadership is an indispensable key to success. But today’s leaders need to be more than effective – they need to be ‘reflective’ too. If more leadership development programmes in South Africa adopted a systematic reflective learning approach, it would help to infuse the business sector with more high-calibre, astute leaders.

By Dr Njeri Mwagiru

Growing numbers of women in leadership positions do not necessarily translate into women having more agency in organisations. This calls for a stronger focus on policy support, mentorship, peer networking and flexible work environments. Learning from best practice and adapting company culture will also help to attain gender parity in leadership.

By Dr Jane Robertson, Dr Heidi Le Sueur and Dr Nicky Terblanche

With today’s complex business environment calling for smart thinkers and problem solvers, more and more management development programmes are adopting the action learning approach. But in responding to this call to action, are managers spending enough time reflecting?

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