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This is where you will find opinion pieces, commisioned articles and summaries of key pieces of research.

How did the competitive behaviour of banks in sub-Saharan Africa change after the 2007-2008 global financial crisis? Three researchers examined the performance of 83 banks and found that competition among these banks did increase as a result of new policies. This also led to the recapitalisation of banks, a rise in foreign bank participation and more robust banking systems.

The 2007-2008 financial crisis impacted economies all over the world. Most economies started to recognise the effect of this crisis in March 2008. This study wanted to find out whether the crisis had a transitory or long-term effect on the South African economy using the SARIMA intervention procedure.

What is the relationship between rising food prices and the welfare of households in South Africa? How can we strengthen food security to curb poverty? This article investigates the impact of food prices and policy options to lessen the burden on households.

Share-based incentives, which were originally created to align management’s interests with those of the shareholders, have now become a potential source of threat to the interests of those shareholders. Is there a risk that executives in South Africa can use these share-based incentives to extract undue gain from companies?

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