Introducing our new PGDip Dev Fin designed around you

You’ve spoken. We’ve listened.

We’ve heard your stories over the past year, and our business school has responded to this era of hyper-change with a revolution of our very own: a set of postgraduate diplomas designed with you in mind.

After taking key learnings from the pandemic into account, as well as factoring in your recent experiences, this new PGDip is specifically designed to give you the invaluable flexibility for studying while you work. It will also help you acquire cutting-edge skills relevant to our unique modern circumstances. Most of all, this new PGDip allows you to do it your way.


What’s new?

  • More options and flexibility: Choose between 1 or 2 years of study, and from one of two convenient formats: Blended Learning or Modular.
  • Foundation and Specialisation Phase modules: The modules of the redesigned PGDips are split into foundation and specialisation phases.
  • Access flexibility: Start your postgraduate career with the completion of short courses that you can present in lieu of modules in your foundational phase.
  • More accessible entry into MBA or Master’s degree: Obtaining an overall average of 65% on your PGDip will contribute significantly towards being admitted to the corresponding Master’s degree at our business school.
  • Diversity and networking: Attend each of the redesigned PGDips’ foundation phase classes together with other students who have chosen the class.
  • More competitive pricing: The redesign enables us to provide you with the most competitive pricing on fees for these new programmes.


Find out more about our business school’s redesigned postgraduate diplomas on our website, or through our 2022 PGDip Explainer Brochure.

What stands out?

  • Focus on Africa: Gain the skill to design and implement African-driven solutions
  • Help Africa grow: Acquire the knowledge to shape development projects and policies
  • Real world application: Discover your ability to use your knowledge in policy-making institutions
  • Global versatility: Implement policies that are relevant for Africa and other developing nations

Flexible learning formats

The PGDip in Development Finace is offered in two formats – Blended Learning and Modular. Both formats are perfect for studying while you work. While each format is an immersive and unique learning experience, the programme content of the two formats is the same.



Blocks of classes spread over the year

Opting for the Modular learning format means you do four full blocks of classes spread over the year if you are doing the one-year PGDip, or four blocks of either morning or afternoon classes per year if you are doing the two-year PGDip. The modular classes are presented on campus, which translates into in-class experience and focused studies without work interruptions.