Postgraduate Diploma in
Project Management​

Deadline for applications

15 December

  • Modular
Course Overview
Course starts 11 March 2019
Application closes Application closing dates vary

This internationally accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management focuses on the business management of projects as projects have become more management oriented, requiring new skills from project managers. This will allow you to confidently manage projects in a competitive business environment and to create an environment for business success.

Application closes

South African students: 15 December 2018
ARPL applicants: 31 October 2018 (closed)
Students from SADC countries: 30 November 2018
Other international students: 30 November 2018

Year 1
3 blocks
Block 1
11 – 15 March 2019
Block 2
22 – 26 July 2019
Block 3
7 – 11 October 2019
Year 2
Details for the second year will be made available later.
Mr MC Botha

Mr MC Botha has been head of this programme at the University of Stellenbosch Business School since 2003. His research interest is the interface between business and project teams in the value chain of capital projects, shared services as organisational architecture in a project environment, and the organisational dimensions sustaining project management.

  • Structure & Content
  • Learning Philosophy
  • Admission Requirements
  • Fees


This programme focuses on strategic project management and upper management skills to produce professional project managers. The modules include risk, procurement, communication and cost management, as well as project leadership.

Core Modules

The eight core modules are compulsory:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Managing Projects
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Leadership and EQ

The programme content is covered from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective that will help you to understand and manage the complex, multi-dimensional challenges faced by top-level project managers. The programme requires high-level engagement with theoretical frameworks and international literature, and reflection on national and international project management practices.

You are required to research and analyse the areas covered in the programme, and to formulate recommendations that indicate critical intellectual engagement and independent thinking. The programme will widen access to advanced learning in business, commerce, management and project management for students who do not have formal qualifications above Bachelor’s degrees. Passed at a certain level, it can provide access to an MBA. It will also enable graduates to gain Continuing Professional Development points to satisfy the requirements of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

To apply for the PGD in Project Management you must meet the following requirements:

  • A relevant Bachelor’s or Honours degree
  • A minimum of two years of experience in a project management position in an organisation
  • Communication and management skills equal to NQF Level 4
  • ARPL candidates must have at least 10 years of work experience in project management and a portfolio of proven comparable competencies
  • International students require a SAQA evaluation certificate to evaluate your degree according to South African standards. In this regard please contact SAQA at

Assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning

USB provides wider access to its programmes through its Assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning (ARPL) process. In line with the requirements of the Council for Higher Education (CHE), USB may admit up to 10% of its student body under ARPL.

In order to be admitted to a Postgraduate Diploma at USB, candidates should be in possession of a relevant degree or National Diploma at NQF level 7.

Candidates who wish to be admitted under the ARPL policy will firstly have to submit all the documentation and tests as required for all prospective students. In addition, prospective students applying for a Postgraduate Diploma at USB have to adhere to the following:

  • Have at least an NQF 4 qualification.
  • Have at least TEN years of working experience after obtaining a school leaving certificate, of which at least FIVE years should have been in a management or related professional position.
  • Submit a comprehensive CV, indicating detailed areas of responsibility as well as information of activities outside the work environment.
  • Provide USB with at least two references (typically current or former line heads) who can testify about the candidate’s managerial or related professional abilities. These references will be required to give a detailed personal reference about the candidate on forms provided by USB.
  • Next, USB’s Admissions Committee (head of the programme and another academic) will conduct an in-depth interview with the candidate.
  • If the Committee is of the opinion that the candidate has the abilities to cope with the demands of the Postgraduate Diploma, he/she may be admitted.
  • A recommendation of admission is sent via USB’s Academic Planning Committee to the Board of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences for notification.

  • These are the 2019 provisional tuition fees.
Programme tution fees for 2019 2019 (1st year) 2020 (2nd year) Total
Students from South Africa R60 550 R60 550 R121 100
Students from Southern African Development
Community (SADC) countries
R64 615 R64 615 R129 230
International students from the rest of Africa
R69 140 R69 140 R138 280
International students from the rest of the world R116 860 R116 860 R233 720
Deposit payable on acceptance of admission for 2019
Students from South Africa R10 900
Students from SADC countries R32 308
International students from the rest of Africa (non-SADC) R34 570
International students from the rest of the world R58 430
Application fee for 2019
Application fee (non-refundable; applicable to all students) R710

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Class Profile 2018

25-30 years
31-36 years
37 years and older
Black African
Agriculture & Forestry
Information Technology
Arts & Humanities
Natural & Physical Science
Health Sciences
Less than 2 years
2 years
3-6 years
7-11 years
More than 12 years

Postgraduate Diploma

Rikus Koen, who completed his PGD in Project Management (cum laude) at USB, says he applied for the programme because he wanted to equip himself with crucial skills, tools and techniques to ensure that he is not only a project manager, but also an inspirational and motivational one.

Read his full story here

Enrollment is recommended for employed managers on middle, senior or executive management level working in any type of private or public enterprise, and managers who have the potential to be promoted to higher management positions.

Those who need an NQF level 8 qualification to apply for an MBA can also apply for this course.

  • The ability to manage projects with confidence in a competitive business environment
  • The ability to stay in demand because you have acquired a scarce skill
  • The potential to take on managerial positions in any industry
  • The know-how to contribute to the empowerment of the workforce
  • Access to an MBA

Testimonials from our alumni

Zepho Malunga, PGD in Project Management, Senior Cost Engineer, PetroSA,

‘I find this programme practical but also relevant for today’s dynamic world. I was particularly impressed with the emotional intelligence and conflict management modules. It is pivotal to emphasise people skills as a critical requirement in the selection of project champions.’

Jacques Sowden, PGD in Project Management, Contract Manager, Group Five Building (Coastal),

‘This programme allows me to further my professional development as a leader while meeting excellent professors and business leaders in an international setting combined with a great class atmosphere.’

Lorna Ntwalana, PGD in Project Management, Applications Specialist, PetroSA,

‘The tools and techniques acquired through this programme have helped me to deliver successful projects at work and in social environments. Because the programme also focuses on leadership development and emotional intelligence, I’ve learnt how to effectively deal with the realities of working with people.’


This is a modular programme and is delivered in 6 study blocks of 1 week each over a period of two years.

This programme is aligned at NQF level 8 and comprises of 120 credits.

The programme is conducted over a two year period.

Download our Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management brochure