Celebrating Women’s Month

Your SHEroes

Geola Bergman,
USB Senior Graphic Designer

“Geola gaan ALTYD die ekstra myl
om seker te maak sy doen die beste werk.” 
– Amber Kriel –

“She is helpful, kind and always willing
to go the extra mile for others.”
– Lizelle Kannemeyer –

“Humble. Hardworking. High EQ. Responsibile. Respectful. Impartial. Transparent. Team player. Encouraging. Fun!” – Lauren van Schalkwyk –

“She is the most dedicated person I know! Works day and night
and doesn’t know what work life balance is.”

– Cheryl Coenraad –

Gretchen Arangies,
USB Chief Operations Officer

Joanne Sleigh,
USB Programme

“I have found Gretchen in her position as COO/Head: BPC Man. Services, to always be on top of things – she is very knowledgeable regarding US policies, etc.; respects human dignity; embraces the humanity of all as equals; is accessible to all staff and commands respect at all times – she knows how to be a woman in a top position – she is my role model!” – Lynette Goosen –

“Gretchen’s door is always open to everyone for assistance be it work or personal related matters. She is extremely fair and ethical in everything she does. An absolute pleasure and honour to work with her closely and to see how she operates!” – Gail Vertue –

“Joanne has taught me to be discerning when it comes to the company you keep. That trust is earned. That the bond we have with our children is precious. She is a wonderful friend and an amazing mother.” – Geola Bergman –

“Besides the fact that Joanne is always very professional and efficient when dealing with my program admissions, she is also an inspiration on a personal level. Joanne is legendary when it comes to saving animals in distress and never looks the other way. She will spend much of her personal time and money towards the rehab of a sick, injured or abandoned furry or feathery friend. She remains calm and capable, and we can always rely on Joanne to help. Compassion comes in many forms – one is Joanne.” – Lee-Ann Steenkamp –

– Claire Sissing –

“Inspiring, Strong. Motivational. People’s Person, Leader.” – Nicole Adams

– Edwina Sonnenberg –

“Edwina started working for USB in 2012 in the marketing department and gradually worked her way up to being a programme coordinator while she obtained 3 qualifications, of which the last one is a Masters in Development Studies from UNISA. I know Edwina personally, and got to know that she did not have an easy life growing up, but she has made the conscious decision to prove to her two daughters that you can be anything if you apply your mind and work hard. She has an exceptional work ethic and loves her job…she really goes the extra mile. I nominate her because USB is about people’s journey to personal development and growth, and I think Edwina is the epitome of that. Her success is not only her own, but it motivates all ordinary woman to be exceptional in what they do. To prioritize their own development to be better employees, thinkers and multitaskers….just like we ladies know how to do best.” – Michelle Masango

– Anita Bosch –

“She’s a mother and wife and she made it in the world of academia. She treats everyone with respect. She’s humble, honest and authentic. When she speaks people listen and her voice has a calming effect on the people around her.
She is just a beautiful women inside and out what a privilege to work with her.”
– Samantha Diedericks

– Elzette van Zyl –

“She is always going the extra mile for every student, faculty and support staff member in need. The most efficient person in the building, from which we could all learn, in terms of customer service, be it internal or external.
Basically – she walks on water, while carrying some of the staff on her shoulders!”
– Martin Butler

– Lizelle Kannemeyer –

“Her faith, love for and dedication for her family and colleagues, her strong unflinching spirit, dedication to always deliver more than required and to walk the extra mile, innovative ideas to handle her work portfolio, and a deep sense of what is right, just and in the best interest of all. A truly inspiring friend, colleague, mother and believer.”– Christelle Cronje

– Briggitte Schwartz –

“Brigitte is a courageous leader who is an example and an inspiration to those around her. She truly cares about her team and their development and not just their output. She has taught me so much in the 4 years that she has been my manager. She has been a role-model and mentor and has coached me through many situations. She inspires me to excellence, has taught me to have fierce conversations, to trust my intuition and has modelled what being a confident and competent leader is. I am inspired and blessed by her. She is my USB SHEro” – Laura Kirsten

– Cheryl Coenraad –

“Anything you need, from stationary to a pep talk, this shero has your back. She has  the uncanny ability to deeply understand each member of her team. And she uses this unique skill to spread TLC during times when deadlines & all kinds of pressures are overwhelming.” – Lauren van Schalkwyk

– Sylvia Matroos –

“To sum it up… She always keeps the faith no matter what life throws at her. Be it at work or in her personal life, her faith prevails. I have seen her go through hardships, laughter and pain, and yet through it all her faith still remain.”– Paula Jacobs

Women's Month 2018

USB celebrated our SHEroes in August 2018.
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