What it takes to set up and run a coaching practice

  • Aug 30 2019
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By Zelda Burger

I have been an executive coach at Montage Leadership Development for the past 16 years. Here’s what it takes to set up and run a coaching practice – 5 C’s


Business knowledge and experience is critical for your credibility with potential and existing clients. Professionalism and an academic qualification in executive coaching are essential for differentiating yourself in the market. This was key in my decision to achieve the MPhil and has since proven highly successful. My MPhil research assignment adds value to my contracting practices and achievement of outcomes for the individual and the organisation.


Believing in your coaching abilities and trusting your professional instincts empower you to converse with authority on coaching’s value within different business contexts. Educating and influencing organisational decision makers regarding professional coaching practices is critically important.


Building relationships with key players in related and unrelated industries broaden your business network and create opportunities. Continued professional learning within leadership and organisational contexts enrich your professional and personal growth. In return you deliver high quality client assignments based on new learning.


Marketing yourself in a focused, targeted manner through business online media such as LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful ways to differentiate yourself in the market. An updated website and exposure as coach, facilitator or speaker at strategic business and academic events creates dynamic business opportunities.


Displaying a genuine interest in clients’ strengths and challenges within their organisational contexts enable achievement of individual and organisational outcomes. Enhancing professional effectiveness of clients and sharing their developmental path with passion and energy adds value to the individual and the organisation.

Zelda Burger

Executive, Leadership and Team Coach
Master’s Degree in Business Leadership (University of South Africa Business School)
MPhil Degree in Management Coaching (University of Stellenbosch Business School)
Neuro-leadership Group Coach – accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation)
Credentialed Practitioner and member of COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring South Africa)


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