Skilling, jobs of the future and wellness in the Covid era

Alumni Thought Leadership Webinar presented by Prof Alex Antonites, Barry Vorster, Nadia Leonard and Christine Kere

Facilitated by the USB Alumni Gauteng Chapter

How will we navigate our careers and skillsets in a now uncertain world of work? What effect does this have on our overall wellness? Join this highly thought provoking panel discussion with speakers Prof Alex Antonites, Barry Vorster, Nadia Leonard and Christine Kere as they unpack skilling, future jobs and wellbeing during and after the current pandemic. We look forward to seeing you there.


Date:            Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Time:          11:00 – 12:30 (CAT | GMT+2)

Enquiries:         Lizelle Kannemeyer | [email protected]

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Prof Alex Antonites

Head of the Department of Business Management at the University of Pretoria

Prof Alex Antonites is currently the Head of the Department of Business Management at the University of Pretoria, as well as adjunct faculty on the Gordon Institute of Business Sciences (Gibs). He established the UP Business Incubator that is currently churning a number of new innovative start-up spinoffs as well as heading the Mamelodi Business Clinic (an informal sector business incubator). He strives to implement the principles of the Entrepreneurial University by leading the Entrepreneurship section of UP’s Work readiness and Entrepreneurship (WrEn). This program to date supported 5200 potential student entrepreneurs with The Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards winner after the first year of implementation. He also steered the South African SMME Support Portal that offers specialised support to entrepreneurs during the COVID pandemic. Alex won an international award with his CIO model (Entrepreneurial Creativity, Innovation and Opportunity finding). Several papers were presented and published within the context of entrepreneurship.

Prof Antonites published extensively in both international and local scientific journals and presented more than 30 papers at academic and related conferences. His research lens embraces entrepreneurial creativity and innovation and recently contributing to the Entrepreneurial University body of knowledge.  He also contributed to more than ten textbooks used across Southern Africa. Alex was furthermore involved in an array of technical reports based on contract research and consultation for both private and public sectors. He is also Chief editor of the Southern African Journal for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (SAJESBM).

His current involvement (both on shareholding and non-executive director level) covers an array of industries. His core field of specialization is entrepreneurial creativity and innovation and led many organizations to the next level of performance, in both public and private sector environments. He is currently a non-executive director of the ZZ2 Group and TuksNovation and a member of the University of Pretoria’s Council. Prof Antonites is currently also involved, on an institutional level, in several committees and teams to enhance the entrepreneurial university strategy (including TuksNovation; Future Africa Strategic Group; Steering Committee of the Centre for Entrepreneurship; National SMME Support Portal; UNDP – UP Technical team, Entrepreneurship).

Barry Vorster

Chief Strategy Officer: VSLS Enablement Technologies and Workforce Tranformation teams

Barry is a human resource and consulting leader with a track record in strategic talent management, future of work and culture transformation. He is the Chief Strategy Officer and leads the VSLS Enablement Technologies and Workforce Transformation teams that specialise in strategic advisory, content experience design and technology enablement to unlock the true potential of organisations. He has more than twenty-five years of consulting experience and has been enmeshed in helping organiations within the ambit of human resources, organisational culture, HR technology, learning, and the future of work. His passion is organisational learning, and he is fascinated by the interplay among organisational learning, technology, and large-scale behaviour change. He enjoys the challenge of supporting organisations to act their way into new ways of thinking and behaving.  He is currently dabbling with employee experience and performance management.

Nadia Leonard

Chief Operations Officer: VSLS Learning Solutions and Workforce Tranformation teams

Nadia is a seasoned management consultant with extensive local and international experience in product architecture & solution design in the digital transformation space. She is the Chief Operations Officer and leads the VSLS Learning Solutions and Workforce Transformation teams that specialise in learning advisory, content experience design and technology implementations. She has a passion for organisational culture, human behaviour and how it affects engagement and productivity.

Christine Kere

Leader Development Coach and Organisation Development Consultant

Christine Chichi Kere is a practicing Leader development Coach and Organisation Development Consultant passionate about the impact of coaching on our self-awareness and awakening for results and performance that can impact our Communities. She is the Founder of Coaching Mentoring Education Africa – an entity bringing evidence based coaching practices and research to trigger and challenge the thinking perspectives for a more productive results and performance. She holds an MPhil from Stellenbosch Business School and a Community Coaching Certificate from USBEd. She is an active alumnus of the University, who sits on the Gauteng Alumni Committee Chapter where she is heading research to explore and understand the changing needs and expectations of the Alumni in creating relevance and impact in our communities. She thrives on being challenged to do more and better. She enjoys academic writing with her first article on women in business published in the first online publication on the Women’s Report, a platform that researches into issues affecting women in the workplace.



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