COVID-19: Wins, losses and opportunity

USB Alumni Webinar with Prof Arnold Smit and Mr Maarten Ackerman
Facilitated by Dr Xolani Nocanda, USB Alumni KwaZulu-Natal Chapter

Join us for this Alumni Webinar, facilitated by Dr Xolani Nocanda, USB Alumni KwaZulu-Natal Chapter, where USB’s Prof Arnold Smit and Mr Maarten Ackerman help us deal with our losses and capitalise on opportunities that have come from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dealing with grief and loss at work – Prof Arnold Smit (USB)

We are surrounded by various manifestations of loss and grief resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people have lost loved ones and friends. Organisations have lost income, customers, suppliers, and even employees. How do we come to terms with these losses? How can we make meaning of it? How do we lead others in such a situation?

The world after COVID: opportunities, winners and losers – Mr Maarten Ackerman (Citadel Wealth Management)

How long will the COVID-19 economic recovery be and what will be the implications for your business and investment portfolio? Will South Africa avoid a debt trap and will we see the reforms needed to turn the economy around? In this new world, there will be many opportunities and risks with some industries winning and others losing. It is important to identify these now.

Date:               Thursday, 23 July 2020
Time:              18h30 – 20h00 (CAT)
Enquiries:        Lizelle Kannemeyer | [email protected]

About the speakers

Prof Arnold Smit USBProf Arnold Smit

Arnold Smit is Associate Professor of Business in Society at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. His academic work is focused on the integration of ethics, responsibility and sustainability in management education and organisational practice. He also facilitates training programmes on values-driven leadership, sustainability management and director development.

Prof Smit holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a Doctor’s Degree in Theology from Stellenbosch University. He is also a non-executive director of The Ethics Institute, a trustee of SEED Educational Trust and the immediate past President of the Business Ethics Network of Africa.

Mr Maarten Ackerman

Maarten Ackerman joined Citadel in October 2003 and is part of the advisory and asset management teams. He is responsible for global and local economic strategy and global portfolio construction, and manages the Citadel range of Global Objective Matching Portfolios.

Maarten is an advisor to a number of Citadel’s ultra-high net worth clients. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments in London and a faculty member at the University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development.

He holds a Master’s degree in Econometrics from the University of Pretoria, and lectured at the University of Pretoria and the University Stellenbosch before joining the Bureau for Economic Research in 1998, where he focused on macro-econometric forecasting. Prior to joining Citadel he was a portfolio manager at Peregrine Quant from 1999 to 2003.



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