Leadership Development

Learn to lead on 4 levels: Me, We, Work, World

The advantages of studying Leadership Development

You may know how to manage well. But can you lead? Stellenbosch Business School’s Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development will help you unlock the skills you need to show up as a leader. It focuses on your ability to lead on four levels – personal (me), interpersonal (we), organisational (work) and societal (world). You will also learn to influence with intent, get people to work together to enhance performance, see the bigger picture, and make strategy “come alive through people”. This PGDip is offered in 2 streams:

  • PGDip in Leadership Development with generalist modules – for those who want to lead in any industry sector
  • The PGDip in Leadership Development with NPO modules – for those who want to lead in the social sector

Allows you to study while you work

This enables you to start applying your newly acquired skills in your workplace right from the start while receiving comprehensive support throughout your studies.

Allows you to develop your own leadership style 

You will be encouraged to develop your personal and authentic leadership style, enabling you to lead in the way that is true to you.

Focuses on responsible leadership development

It does not include managerial functions such as finance, marketing and economics.

Relevant for Africa and beyond

You can apply your leadership competencies in any industry, anywhere in the world while also holding significant relevance to managers and leaders in an African context.

Leadership (generalist)

Despite being blind, alumnus Kevin Neeson believes that you can never stop learning. He applied for the PGDip in Leadership Development to expand his leadership abilities. Read more about his journey.

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Leadership (NPO)

After completing a Management Programme for Non-Profit Organisations, Benita Peterson wants to apply for the PGDip in Leadership Development for NPOs to challenge herself to be a more responsible leader. Learn more about her journey.

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The Leadership Development programmes are aimed at people in both the private and public sector who are advancing into middle, senior and general managerial levels which require increasing levels of leadership, working professionals in specialist positions who have a minimum of seven years of working experience and who want to prepare themselves for managerial and leadership roles, and professionals with degrees in, among others, engineering, medical sciences, education, law and accounting who are progressing into managerial roles.

Those who want to broaden their leadership competencies without doing a comprehensive management and business degree like an MBA can also complete the Leadership Development programme.

  • The ability to lead with responsibility and authority
  • The know-how to grow your influence
  • The ability to make an impact in your organisation
  • The know-how to enhance performance in teams
  • The skills to cope in complex environments
  • The ability to lead with authenticity based on your personal and authentic leadership style, enabling you to lead in the way that is true to you


Programme in Leadership Development

This programme acknowledges responsible leadership as the prime differentiator that drives sustainable high performance. It focuses on the development of personal leadership, team leadership, organisational leadership and societal leadership (me, we, work, world) to strengthen your capability to grow as a leader. Read more about leadership development in our Stellenbosch Business School Management Review.


This programme aims to improve individua...

Leadership Development for NPOs

Leadership Development

This programme aims to improve individua...