Business Management and Administration

Become a responsible leader with global insight
and a unique African perspective.

How studying Business Management and Administration will help you

Studying Business Management and Administration will help you gain:

Acquire responsible leadership skills and make a difference on the levels of Me, We, Work and World

Obtain exceptional decision-making skills to support complex business decisions

Gain a global perspective of business knowledge with unique African contextualisation

Understand the interlinked roles of all the functional areas of an organisation

Study full-time or while you work – you have various options to choose from

Study at a business school with 3 international accreditations

Build your career path from PGD to MBA and PhD

Apply your knowledge and skills in any industry, any country

Postgraduate Diploma BMA

Alumnus Erick Sithole started his journey at USB with a PGD BMA. He then went on to complete his MBA in 2017! Learn more about his journey.

MBA Modular

Alumnus Erick Sithole says the MBA is a rich programme that totally transformed him. It has challenged him to pursue his PhD!  Read more about his experience.


Business Management and Administration alumnus Erick Sithole is now pursuing his PhD. His research topic is on Blue Ocean Strategy.

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MBA Full-time

Meet Poonam Harry-Nana, a Full-time MBA student at USB. She started her MBA journey in January 2018 and is currently half-way through her year. Learn more about her background and how she decided on an MBA at USB.


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Ricus van Heerden is a current student doing the MBA stream in Managing International Organisations because he wants to obtain a holistic view of business instead of just department work. Discover more about why he chose USB

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Medical doctor and current MBA student Sadia Murray enrolled for the MBA stream in Health Care Leadership this year for various reasons. Read more to find out why

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Enrolment is influenced by the programme you are interested in. Here are the different programmes and the people who should enrol for each:

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration (PGD BMA):

  • Managers who wish to complete an MBA but who do not qualify for entry directly into a Master’s programme
  • Managers who want to broaden their management skills, but who do not necessarily want to enrol for an MBA and/or who do not want to do the research component of the MBA
  • Managers and leaders who work full-time, who cannot afford long periods of time away from work and/or who prefer to do most of their learning off-campus
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) candidates who want to gain access to an MBA

MBA: USB’s MBA is designed to turn managers, professionals, specialists and entrepreneurs into responsible leaders, expert decision makers, strategic thinkers, effective communicators and stewards of society. If your career path is pointing towards senior management positions and leadership roles, the MBA will help you to confidently take on these.

MBA with generalist modules: This MBA is aimed at those who want to manage the functional areas of any business, in any industry, at senior manage level (career switchers).

MBA with modules focused on Managing International Organisations (MBA MIO): This MBA is for those who want domain expertise at senior management level in the management of international organisations, including multinational for-profit organisations, development agencies, NGOs and the UN system. This includes professionals or managers who want to expand their cross-border agility and those who want to fast-track their careers in international organisations. The MBA MIO will therefore appeal to private-sector managers looking for employment opportunities with international development organisations or multinational for-profits as well as UN staff looking to strengthen their management skills, either within the UN system or in any international organisation.

MBA with modules focused on Health Care Leadership (MBA HCL): This MBA is aimed at those who want domain expertise at senior management level in Health Care Leadership to apply in the public or private health care industry. This includes general practitioners who want to take on managerial and leadership roles in the health care industry, group practices or government, or those in health care who want to broaden their contextual understanding of business.

PhD: If you would like to help find solutions to pressing business problems in the real world through research that is underpinned by a strong theoretical base, this PhD will serve you well. This degree will help you to become an expert in your field of study through rigorous research. This degree will also stand you in good stead if you want to work in industries focused on research and innovation, or at an academic institution.

  • The ability to lead with responsibility – this applies to personal leadership (me), relational leadership (we), organisational or strategic leadership (work) and societal leadership (world)
  • A global perspective of business knowledge – combined with the unique African contextualization of this knowledge
  • Contemporary decision-making skills – enabling you to support complex business decisions
  • Strategic thinking skills – allowing you to analyse and assess a business environment using appropriate theories to formulate suitable strategies
  • An understanding of the interlinked roles of organisational departments – enabling you to manage across functional areas, gain insight, align resources and make well-informed decisions
  • An internationally accredited qualification – as you will be studying at a business school with all three major international accreditations
  • Building blocks for a career path – moving from a postgraduate diploma to an MBA and ultimately a PhD


Programmes in Business Management and Administration

Our three internationally accredited programmes — a Postgraduate Diploma, MBA and PhD — will provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage your organisation so it can survive and thrive in today’s complex business environment.

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Business Management and Administration

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Business Management and Administration

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Business Management and Administration

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