Project Management

Get to understand the business management of projects – it’s a scarce skill in a world that needs urgent rebuilding

The advantages of studying a Project Management Course

Project Management will help you gain:

An understanding of the business management of projects, which is classified as a scarce skill in South Africa

Managerial and leadership skills, which will enable you to work in any type of private and public enterprise – including SMEs, black empowerment companies, NGOs, medium to large organisations and multinational global players

Specialist project management skills, which will enable you to successfully manage projects in a complex and competitive environment

Other advantages of Project Management:

Improves your strategic project management skills

Applicable to a local and international context

Can provide access to an MBA degree

Can continue your studies while you work

Enrollment is recommended for employed managers on middle, senior or executive management level working in any type of private or public enterprise, and managers who have the potential to be promoted to higher management positions.

Those who need an NQF level 8 qualification to apply for an MBA can also apply for this course.

  • The ability to manage projects with confidence in a competitive business environment
  • The ability to stay in demand because you have acquired a scarce skill
  • The potential to take on managerial positions in any industry
  • The know-how to contribute to the empowerment of the workforce
  • Access to an MBA


Programmes in Project Management

This internationally accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management focuses on the business management of projects as projects have become more management oriented, requiring new skills from project managers. This will allow you to confidently manage projects in a competitive business environment and to create an environment for business success. This Postgraduate Diploma is the only qualification of its kind delivered by a business school in South Africa.


This internationally accredited Postgrad...


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