Management Coaching

Acquire credentials to support the growth of others through coaching

The advantages of studying Management Coaching

Management Coaching will help you gain:

An official qualification establishing your credentials as a coach

The skills to develop human capital through management coaching

Your own signature presence as a coach

The ability to understand and navigate multicultural environments

Other advantages of Management Coaching:

It prepares you to set up and grow your own coaching practice

It helps you find your authentic style of coaching

It follows an integrated approach to learning

It ensures a strong ethical and responsible approach to coaching


When her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, alumnus Suzette Dlamini’s felt that she lost her own identity during this challenging time. She says she enrolled for the MPhil in Management Coaching to find herself again. Read more about her journey.

Read her full story here

Management Coaching is aimed at those who want to become professional management coaches. This includes managers, leaders, human capital development experts and learning facilitators in all industries, those working with the human aspect of transferring knowledge and others who support and facilitate growth, performance, relationship-building and teamwork.

  • Establishing your credentials as a management coach
  • Acquiring the ability to development human capital or learning in any industry
  • First understanding the various coaching frameworks and models, and then establishing your signature presence as coach
  • Acquiring the skills to challenge people’s personal beliefs and help them grow
  • Knowing how to facilitate knowledge transfer, talent development and organisational effectiveness
  • Knowing how to support growth, performance, relationship-building and teamwork
  • Gaining the competence to move into a senior management position
  • Gaining new perspectives on the development of yourself and others
  • Helping to create a more ethical and responsible society

For coaching to grow as a profession, scientific research is essential. Research allows coach practitioners to base their interventions on empirically peer-reviewed findings and not mere intuition. At Stellenbosch Business School we are serious about contributing to the professionalisation of coaching by conducting internationally relevant research on the nature and efficacy of coaching.

Here is a list of coaching research published by our faculty and students in peer-reviewed academic journals.


Programmes in Management Coaching

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Management Coaching

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