Futures Studies

Help to create a desired future.

The advantages of a Futures Studies programme

A programme in Futures Studies will help you to develop innovative and long-range decision-making skills to mitigate risks and to identify opportunities. The Futures Studies programmes will therefore equip you with the skills to:

Make strategic decisions for the long term

Create a desirable future

Deal with rapid change and increasing complexity

Become a qualified professional futurist

Stellenbosch Business School is the only academic institution in Africa to offer programmes in Futures Studies. The programmes are offered in a format that enables you to study while you work. The programmes — a Postgraduate Diploma, MPhil and PhD — are structured to help you grow your career path by acquiring increasing levels of expertise.

Postgraduate Diploma

Alumnus Jonathan Cherry started his journey at Stellenbosch Business School with a PGDip in Futures Studies. As an innovative entrepreneur he says he wanted a formal qualification behind his name. Learn more about his journey.

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Alumnus Jonathan Cherry says during the MPhil in Futures Studies he explored the advanced methodologies of futures studies. Learn more about his journey.

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Futures Studies alumnus Jonathan Cherry says he is going to test his thinking in the field and once he has fused his thoughts into something that he thinks can make a contribution, then a PhD is the next step. Read more about his journey.

Read more about our PhD in Futures Studies.

Read his full story here

Futures Studies will typically benefit strategic planners, decision makers, managing directors, CEOs and others involved in long-term planning. These programmes will prepare you for senior-level positions in public and private corporations, in government, financial institutions and global institutions. The PhD will also serve you well if you are interested in an academic career.

There are a number of benefits in completing a programme in Futures Studies:

  • You will significantly enhance your decision-making and strategy-setting skills because you will have an understanding of the forces and trends that shape the future.
  • You will enhance your understanding of the complexity of global change, including its rapid pace and impact on Africa, and also on your or your clients’ organisations.
  • You will acquire the professional and intellectual skills needed to become a professional futurist.
  • You will be able to build a career path leading to senior management positions in a range of private and public sector institutions.


Programmes in Futures Studies

​Our three internationally accredited programmes in Futures Studies — a Postgraduate Diploma, MPhil and PhD — will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create a better future by equipping you with innovative and long-range decision-making skills to mitigate risks and to identify opportunities.


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