Development Finance

Develop Africa where it matters.
Implement sustainable, 
Africa-driven solutions.

The advantages of studying Development Finance

Development Finance will help you gain:

The skills to develop Africa where it matters

The skill to design and implement African-driven solutions

The knowledge to positively contribute to development projects and policies

The ability to work with this knowledge across various institutions

Other advantages of Stellenbosch Business School’s Development Finance programmes:

Our Development Finance programmes are relevant for this continent thanks to their African contextualisation and the use of African case studies.

The programmes have a modular format, which means you can work and study at the same time.

You can build a career path by starting with the Postgraduate Diploma, adding depth with the MPhil and establishing your expertise with the PhD.

Postgraduate Diploma

Alumnus Saara Hamunyela started her journey at Stellenbosch Business School with a PGDip in Development Finance. She says the programme was an eye-opener that changed her way of thinking. Learn more about her journey.

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Alumnus Saara Hamunyela says the PGDip made her realise that she can do anything and that is why she applied for the MDevF. She was the Top Achiever in her class. Learn more about her journey.

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Alumnus Saara Hamunyela says the PGDip and MDevF opened her up to really see opportunities. She is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate. Read more about her journey.

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Read her full story here

Enrolment is influenced by the programme you are interested in. Here are the different programmes and the people who should enrol for each:

PGDip – Development Finance: If you are a junior or mid-level manager who is interested in a career in development finance, the financial services industry or public institutions, this is the programme you should consider.

MPhil – Development Finance: If you work on a managerial level in a financial services environment, you should consider this qualification. This MPhil holds value for people like financial analysts and policy makers in the private or public sector who engage with macro, enterprise and sectoral finance and financial management issues with a focus on developing countries and emerging markets.

PhD – Development Finance: You will benefit from this doctoral degree if you want to do specialised research to support the growth agendas of South Africa and Africa. You will gain a crucial understanding of development finance to apply in senior positions in policy-making institutions, governments, public and private corporations, financial institutions and global organisations.

There are a number of benefits in completing any of these programmes:

  • You will be able to become a development finance practitioner and develop Africa where it matters.
  • You will be able to implement the design and financing of growth initiatives such as roads to energy plants to hospitals.
  • You will gain an understanding of the structure of African economies and how financial markets contribute to development.
  • You will acquire the skills to make a meaningful contribution to policy formulation and implementation in this field.
  • You will be able to work in financial institutions such as banks and development finance corporations, and in policy-making institutions, governments, public and private corporations, and also global organisations.


Programmes in Development Finance

Our three internationally accredited programmes – a Postgraduate Diploma, MPhil and PhD – will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help develop Africa where it matters.


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Modular Blended
MPhil Development Finance​

Development Finance

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PhD Development Finance​​

Development Finance

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