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Launch of USB Lean-In Circle
Dated: Thursday, August 31, 2017

As part of a women’s month initiative, the USB Alumni is excited to announce that it is launching the Lean-In circles programme for the business school.  The Lean-In programme is a worldwide initiative started by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, with the aim of building a strong network that will provide like-minded women an opportunity to discuss workplace and life issues that they may experience. The Circles will provide women with insights about work-life and provide them with support so that they successfully navigate workplace environments. Such Circles form part of the shaping of great women leaders at USB.

At USB the Circles will be based on the global format but the topics covered will address local realities. We are hoping to attract a diverse set of women who can learn from each other and also promote greater understanding of Southern African gender workplace experiences. In this way USB women will become catalysts for change in our captivating country.

Meetings will take place on a monthly basis.  Women who are interested in joining the first Lean-In Circles programme should commit to attending at least 4 sessions. After establishing a process and format for the Circles on campus, we would like to experiment with Circles across South Africa, and perhaps in other parts of continent. 

The following themes are identified for the first group:
Meeting 1: Connection: (LAUNCH)
Meeting 2: Power Hour
Meeting 3: Centred Leadership – Meaning
Meeting 4: Centred Leadership – Framing
Meeting 5: Centred Leadership – Connecting


Contact Tarina du Toit  (MBA, Pr.Sci.Nat)
Regional Sales & Technical Manager (Western Cape)
M.Sc Soil Science – Universiteit Stellenbosch University
Tel: 084 792 4262