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What can you do with an MBA from USB?
  • Operate on senior management level

    ​Our internationally accredited MBA gives you an astute understanding of business, enabling you to operate on senior management level in any industry.

  • Lead with confidence

    ​The unique Leadership Development Module covers personal leadership, relationship leadership- and organisational leadership to deliver organisational performance.

  • Think critically

    ​Critical thinking skills will equip you with the ability to think well and argue soundly. These competencies will help to ‘future-proof’ your career.

  • Function globally

    ​Exposure to fellow students, lecturers and speakers from Africa and other continents, and the International Study Module at an overseas business school will help to prepare you for a career anywhere in the world.

  • Understand the interlinked roles of organisational departments

    USB’s MBA gives you a thorough understanding of the interlinked roles of all the functional areas of an organisation – including finances, operations, ICT, marketing, people management and support services. This will enable you to manage the alignment of efforts and resources towards moving the business forward.​

  • Understand the role of business in society

    ​You will be involved in social engagement projects – for example, by being exposed to hands-on case studies or by helping small business owners with business plans.

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